KR - Update April 4th 2018

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1. The ability to save character’s appearance has been added.

- You can save your character’s appearance with <Ctrl + Print Screen>.

- Saved appearance can be used during character creation or appearance change.


1. Some skills will now consume Shards.

2. The cooldown of Templar’s Barricade of Steel has been changed from 30s to 18s.

3. Bard’s Purging Paean can now be used while moving.

4. Bard’s Etude can be used on a target that was buffed with ‘Blessing of Rock’ once again.

5. Fixed an issue where Bard’s Quaver would not be applied to already silenced target. (Except Silencing Shot, Silencing Bolt)

6. The HP recovery effect of following skills has been adjusted.

Counter Leech, Draining Sword, Bloodthirster Surprise Attack

Ascended Soul Arrow, Seizure Arrow, Storm Spear, Backdraft, Vampiric Wave

7. Sorcerer’s Curse of Old Roots will now hit based on the opponent’s resistance.

8. The tooltips of Cleric’s Blessed Shield and Chanter’s Perfect Shield have been changed to match the effects.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Kinah will now be paid directly to your inventory after Arena of Discipline/Arena of Cooperation ends.


1. A ‘Product Details’ button has been added to the Quna Market.

2. Minion and Transformation windows can now be closed at the same time.

- When synthesis windows are closed, a related message will be displayed and the action will be canceled.

3. The splash image when the game starts has been changed.

4. Fixed an issue where after acquiring Legendary items in Instanced Dungeons, the system message would not be sent to some group members.


1. Fixed an issue where the sale ratio was set too high for some items.


1. Linking a fused two-handed weapon that can be re-identified was impossible. This issue has been fixed.

2. Fixed an issue where some items could not be restored through the item repair function.

3. Fixed an issue where colors of some items from the Gold Sand Shop where different from the actual ones.


1. Minion’s Skill and Growth points will no longer increase after Soul Healing.


1. Unnecessary dictionary links have been removed from the Elyos quest .


1. A sound effect when using normal attacks with Shards activated has been added.


1. After a successful siege, fixed an issue where Asmodians could not move to the Lakrum Fortress through a teleporter.

2. The terrain of Reshanta has been changed to make it impossible to move from the core to the upper layer.


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