KR - Update March 28th 2018

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Instanced Dungeon

1. An issue with 2 objects appearing during the fight with Maddened Frigida in Prometun's Workshop has been fixed.

2. An issue with shortcut hints in the Prometun's Workshop not being visible in certain locations has been fixed.


1. Genesis Crystal has been added as a reward for , .

2. Shugo Courier can now be summoned once every 1min instead of every 10min.

3. Stats of some quest NPCs have been increased.


1. The tooltip of Artefact buff from Lakrum’s 123rd and 126th Base has been changed to match the effect.

2. Descriptions of some event items have been improved.

Character Skill

1. The duration of Aether's Hold effect of Bard’s Tempest Variation has been adjusted.

2. Counter Leech, and Invigorating Strike will now consume 50% less MP.

3. The tooltip of Ba’s Chorus of Blessing has been fixed.


1. An issue with some Ancient weapons displaying incorrectly when switched to combat mode has been fixed.

2. The selling price of some items has been increased.


1. A sound will now be played when trying to active the Shard with a hotkey without any shard equipped.


1. The evolution cost of B, C Minions has been reduced.

2. The drop probability of A, B Minion Contracts in Instanced Dungeons has been adjusted.


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