KR - Update March 21st 2018

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Instanced Dungeon

1. Fixed an issue with Beritra in the Makarna of Bitterness not using the ‘Power: Dragon Lord’s Energy’ in certain situations.

2. The abilities of Shugo Mercenary NPCs in Kubrinerk's Monster Cube Laboratory have been adjusted.

3. Since the ‘Powerful Boost Buff’ event has ended, the drop of items above the Legendary grade has been adjusted in the following instance.

Instanced Dungeon
Divine Tower
Prometun's Workshop
Makarna of Bitterness


1. The name of the Minionite box sold from the Gold Sand Shop has been changed from ‘20 Minionite Box’ to ‘20 A Minionite Box’.

2. The selling price of Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Re-identification scrolls has been increased and the items will self-reorganize.

3. The sales of Level 80 Manastone Box from the Gold Sand Shop will now be limited.

4. Ancient Obsidian Wings and Ancient Obsidian Mystic Wings will no longer appear invisible.

5. The Transformation, Transformation Potion, and other item names where the name “Herenas” appears have been changed “Veille”.


1. The Ripple of Purification’s cooldown reducing effect of Cleric’s Daevanion Skill Breath of Recovery will now apply properly.

2. The Accuracy effect of Chanter’s ‘Word of Inspiration’ has been adjusted.

3. Spiritmaster’s ‘Curse: Water Spirit’, ‘Curse: Fire Spirit’ Magic Defence effect has been adjusted.

4. The effects of some Daevanion Skills have been fixed.

5. The effects of some Minion skills have been fixed.


1. Fixed the names of unused instances in the Ranking list window.

2. The Shard slot will now display properly in the View Details of another character.

3. The description and the debuff tooltip of Spiritmaster’s Inescapable Choke have been fixed.

4. Equipment Re-identification section of the Boost/Modify window has been changed to make it easier to see the result.

5. The number of Cubic categories will no longer change based on the resolution.


1. Fixed an issue with the Elyos quest not progressing to the next stage under certain circumstances.


1. Some areas in Lakrum have been fixed.


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