KR - Update May 9th 2018

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1. Some skill effects have been changed.

Class Skill Changed Skill Effect
Gladiator Resolute Charge Attack power increased 30% -> 50%

Duration 30s -> 10s

Cooldown 2min -> 1min 100% critical damage for 5s

Surefooted Charge Attack power increased 20% -> 25%

Duration 30s -> 1min

Increased Movement Speed 30% -> 10%

Increases Accuracy by 1000, Crit Strike by 1000

Physical, Magic Defence increasing effect removed

Crushing Onslaught Stumble skills cooldown reduction 30% -> 50%
Templar Heroic Bodyguard Attack, Healing, Speed increase will now apply to you as well
Shield Sweep Swinging Shield Counter Cooldown reduction upon critical strike 50% -> 70%

After a critical strike, reduces the cooldown of Shieldburst, Avenging Shield Blow, Shield Counter by 70%

Shield Crush After a critical strike, reduces the cooldown of Break Power, Judgment Blow by 5s -> Cooldown reduced by 70%
Taunting Iron Skin Aggro rage 15m -> 7m

Aggro intervals 4s -> 3s

Assassin Dizzying Ambush Damage Reduced

3 critical strikes with 100% probability effect removed

100% chance to deal critical damage for 3s effect added

Fast Assault Damage Increased

Resets Flash of Speed cooldown after use

Scoundrel's Bond Damage Reduced

HP recovery effect removed

Apply Lethal Venom Damage Reduced
Ranger Rupture Arrow Burst After use, reduction of Stunning Shot’s cooldown 50% -> 100%
Focused Retreating Slash Distance 6m -> 10m

Travel Distance 25m -> 15m

Fierce Retreating Slash Unable to move when using -> movement speed reduced
Agonizing Arrow Duration on other PCs will now last 50%
Nature's Resolve Stigma enchanting will now reduce the cooldown
Sharpen Arrows 10% Attack increase effect removed

2% Physical Damage increase added

Evasion increase 50 -> 300

Gunner Suppressing Fire Damage Reduced
Sorcerer Flame Ray Damage Reduced
Spiritmaster Nightmarish Shriek Cooldown 45s -> 60s
Nightmarish Lament Cooldown 45s -> 60s

Duration on other PCs reduced

Inescapable Choke Cooldown 1s -> 4s

Can now be casted while moving

Choking Winds Effect rage 5m -> 7m
Infernal Blight Stigma enchanting will now reduce the cooldown
Soul Torrent Damage Reduced
Soul Surge Damage Reduced
Spirit's Empowerment Cooldown 1min -> 3min

Duration 2min -> 3min

Stone Scour Damage Increased
Cleric Breath of Recovery Reduces Splendor of Purification’s cooldown by 10s after use
Chain of Suffering Cooldown 3min -> 2min

Duration 2min -> 1min

Intervals 12s -> 4s

Chanter Overwhelming Judgment Damage Reduced

Stun effect 4s -> 2s

Dizzying Smash Damage Reduced
Cleansing Recovery Spell Duration 10s -> 7s

Not affected by Healing Boost

Rejuvenating Spell Cooldown 10s -> 12s

Not affected by Healing Boost

2. Gladiator’s vision stigma Unraveling Assault will no longer have an attack rage greater than 7m.

3. The Aether's Hold effect of Spiritmaster’s Command: Elemental Wave will now apply properly.

4. The evasion effect of Spiritmaster’s Command: Elemental Rupture will now apply properly.


1. Some attributes of Kaisinel/Marchutan Siege buffs have been changed.

2. An issue with artefact monsters in the Abyss Core not appearing has been fixed.

3. The issue with the client shutting down when playing around fortresses has been fixed.

4. An issue with siege rewards not always being delivered has been fixed.


1. The splash image when launching the game has been changed.

2. A screenshot added to the Favourite tab would not be saved. This issue has been fixed.

3. Normal screenshots would appear in the ‘Apperance Info’ tab. This issue has been fixed.

4. The confirmation and tooltip details when soul-binding an item have been changed.


1. Re-identification of Ultimate Burning Flame Belts will now give Parry instead of Block.

2. When trying to put a sealed item on the broker that could not actually be registered, the pricing window would pop up anyway. This issue has been fixed.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Treasure Island of Courage has been added.

- Inside, 3 Asmodians will compete with 3 Elyos.

- You can apply by clicking on the Entry Button on your screen at any time during the event period.

- After entering, you can only use special skills and items.

- If you log out, you will be disqualified and you won’t be able to enter again.

- The team that reaches the finish line first will win, and because you cannot kill the opponents, you must advance as fast as possible by defending and interfering with the acquired skills.

Players Level Entries Entry Time Reset
3v3 76+ 1 time a day Daily, 9:00


1. The characters in the Hall of Fame have been changed to the winners of the ‘I’m the king’ event.


1. The maximum Minion Skill Points has been changed from 50,000 to 5,000.


1. The issue with not being able to claim completion rewards from pre-Daeva missions after moving to a different region or logging out has been fixed.


1. The issue with character movements displaying awkwardly after using a widstream near Edorim Temple in Lakrum has been fixed.


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