KR - Update April 11th 2018

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Instanced Dungeon

1. Additional entrances to the Prometun's Workshop, Narakkalli will now appear.

- Every 30min, an entrance will appear in Lakrum in one of 9 possible locations.

- The entrance will not appear on the map and there is no access limit.

2. If you reach specific floors in the Tower of Challenge in a set amount of time, you will now receive more Coin of Challenge.

3. HP of Immortal Orissan that appears in Makarna of Bitterness has been adjusted.


1. You will no longer be able to place kisks around the entrance to the Prometun's Workshop.

2. The terrain around the Prometun's Workshop entrance has been fixed.


1. The enchanting effect that appears on the weapon at certain levels has been changed.

- At level 10, 1st (red) effect is displayed.

- At level 15, 2nd (purple) effect is displayed.

2. An issue that was preventing Gunners, Aethertechs, Bards from receiving items from Heavy Master Stigma Box, Specialized Special Stigma Chest has been fixed.

3. The appearance of some armor items has been fixed.


1. The cooldown reducing effect of Cleric’s Daevanion Skill Breath of Recovery on Ripple of Purification has been fixed.

2. The effect of Ranger’s Daevanion Skill Fierce Retreating Slash can now be removed from the caster.

3. Magic Suppression in the tooltip of Cleric’s Prayer of Resistance skill has been changed to Magic Defence.

4. The damage value of Spiritmaster’s Command: Elemental Rupture and Command: Elemental Wave has been adjusted.

5. Fixed an issue where Spiritmaster’s Command: Elemental Rupture was not dispelling the target.

6. The effect will now match the tooltip of Spiritmaster’s Command: Elemental Wave.


1. Fixed an issue where Accuracy was not applying correctly when summoning Stage 1 B rank Minions.

2. Minion’s toogle skill will now be affected by the target’s Magic Resist.


1. Fixed an issue where some houses in the Heiron area were displaying abnormally.

2. The issue with Rudra model and Anathe Carpet not installing properly has been fixed.


1. Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from accepting .


1. The border around the “choose path” in the character creation window has been fixed.


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