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Aether Key

1. The new weapon “Aether Key” has been added for the Aethertech. - close range, Two-handed weapon. - Can be armsfuzed .

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Dynatum Set

1. Mythical and Eternal Items from the Rune Shield Tower have been added.

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Abyss Items

1. New Abyss items have been added for level 65.
- A limitation was set for new Abyss armour and weapons.
- These items are sold by a <Consumable Item Distributor> NPC, who is in Northern Katalam in the “Rebuilt Tower of Light” and the “Rune Temple”.
- The items to be purchased are sorted according to rank and displayed in the corresponding tabs.

Rank Items that can be purchased
1-Star Officer Holy Top of the Archon Special Unit
Holy Shoes of the Archon Special Unit
2-Star Officer Holy Spaulders of the Archon Special Unit
Holy Weapon of the Archon Special Operations Soldiers
3-Star Officer Holy Gloves of the Archon Special Unit
Holy Shield of the Archon Special Unit
4-Star Officer Holy Trousers of the Archon Special Unit
Holy Weapon of the Archon Special Unit


Elyos NPC


Asmodian NPC

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Rank Dedicated Items

1. If the rank is higher than an Officer or General, the player can buy consumable items with Abyss Points in the Cloister of Kaisinel/Marchutan’s Convent.
- From the officer rank, the items “Especially Large Power Shard of Glory“, “Honourable Divine Life Serum“ and 3 meals can be purchased.
- From the rank General, 4 different types of Idian and a time restricted pet can be purchased.
o The time restricted pet can be used for 30 days. Afterwards a new one can be purchased, however the pet can only be purchased once per day.
o The time restricted pet can use functions such as pillaging and buffing (2 meals, 3 magic goods).

Stigma Strengthening

1. A contribution merchant has been added for the stigma enhancement NPC, which can enhance Stigmas to a higher grade.
- Example: using the <Flame Spray I> stigma and a particular amount of Abyss Points, it can be upgraded to <Flame Spray II> stigma.

Wrapping System

1. A “wrapping system” has been added that allows packaging of certain items (weapons/armour/accessories).
- This system makes it possible for items that cannot be traded to be traded.
- An item that can be packed, can be wrapped with a wrapping scroll, according to rank (unique/eternal).
- Currently only certain items below level 60 can be wrapped.


Wrappable Item


Select a desired item

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Coin Items

1. A coin reward NPC (mithril and platinum) has been added for Bards and Gunners.
- The administrators for Priests and Rangers, who the Bards and Gunners received coins from, have now been changed to Artist and Engineer Administrators.

Region Artist Engineer
Elyos Theobomos Raxila
Inggison Adesia Sesarion
Asmodians Brusthonin Dantia
Gelkmaros Athion Tamaria

2. Iron/Bronze/Mithril Coin Reward Crates have been added.
- Enchantment Stones / Manastones / Medals / Armour items etc. can be received from these Coin Reward Crates.

3. Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mithril Exchange Boxes have been added.
- Higher level coins can be received by lower level coins.

Other changes

1. The “Swimsuit’s” movement animation looked very strange when the Ninja movement was activated and “Sit” was used. This has been changed.

2. The chance of “40th Brigade General Shita“ dropping mythical equipment at the “Sauro War Depot” has been increased slightly.

3. If the effect of a high-quality scroll is already being used, no normal scroll effect can be used now.

4. ‘Some tooltip contents of limited items that are on sale have been changed.

5. A few Idian items have completely new tooltip content.

6. “Vindachinerk’s Accessory Hammer” item tooltip has been changed.

7. Some items’ graphics were displayed incorrectly. This problem has been fixed.

8. Some item names have been corrected, as they were wrong.

9. The problem that the “Mad Head Researcher Notius” didn’t drop the relicts bundle in the Hall of Knowledge has been fixed.

10. Change: the items Aether Revolver, String Instrument and Aether Key can be received from the “Pure Aris Weapon Guestbloom”.

11. The problem that equipped High Grade Stigmas were used as stigma enhancement items has been fixed.

12. The problem that some Chain Mail Fighting Gauntlets of the Steelrose pirates had incorrect attributes set, has been fixed.

13. The enchantment chances of normal manastones, assembled manastones and ancient manastones have been drastically increased.

The time that is needed for applying manastones on equipment has been reduced.
- Before the change: 5 seconds
- After the change: 2 seconds

In the Catalium series, Accessory Refining Stones can be used for belt production.

In some quests, design materials were set incorrectly. This problem has been dealt with.

Apart from the classes Aethertech, Bard and Gunner, all other classes can buy skill books, which can be received in the form of item drops, from their corresponding class master.

4.5 Update
698ba00227e2453af5af15cd.png Character New class - Aethertech.
57c962b6715e19bd0c4ae4c1.png Skills New skills and improvements to the existing ones.
8c67d86b74808b494f884c66.png Insatnces 3 new kinds of inctances have been added.
Adbeec054781a88231e415e8.png Abyss Renewal of the Abyss.
F0c7c9f0e93f8c6543a17534.png Honour Points Abyss ranks are now based on Honour Points.
B28e8c86e5a42ab2c1e41afe.png Quests New Quests and changes to existing ones.
7042576ce05a7e765ff41aa2.png Items New Abyss Items.
F025ce732fa32b81eb071972.png Crafting New crafting system.
Eee51f373c7342c1ad240dad.png UI New hairstyles. Various UI improvements.
Fc35596d115e62a95f21e38a.png Miscellaneous Other changes.