4.5 Update - Skills

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New Skills

1. New skills have been added for various classes.
- New skills can be purchased from the respective class skill merchant in the capital cities.

Changes to existing Skills

1. Some class skills has been changed.
- The cooldown time for the Gladiator’s “Strengthen Wings I” has been changed to 3 minutes.
- The mag. precision of the Templar’s skill effect of “Punishing Wave V” has been increased.
- The mag. precision of the Assassin’s Seal Explosion I-V has been increased.
- On combo level 3 for the Gunner’s “Restraint Cannon I”, the magical precision has been increased.
- The mag. precision for the Bard’s skills “Dance of the Jester I” and “March of the Jester I” has been increased.
- The mag. precision has been increased for the Cleric’s “Root I” effect.
- The mag. precision has been increased for the Sorcerer’s “Sleep I” and “Curse: Tree I” skills.
- For the Chanter’s “Magic Mantra V”, the value of mag. precision has been

Bard's Skills Improvements

1. Some of the Bard’s skills have been improved.
- For some skills the hit effects on opponents, the speed and the motion speed have been increased.

Motion Speed Hit Speed
Sea Variation
Illusion Variation
March of the Jester
Dance of the Jester
Earth Harmony
Wind Harmony
Tsunami Requiem
Sound of the Breeze
Attack Resonation
Gust Requiem
Acute Grating Sound
Requiem of Oblivion
Symphony of Wrath
Symphony of Destruction
Breathtaking Blast
Healing Variation
Battle Variation
Dance of the Jester
Magic Disruption Tone
Breathtaking Blast
Requiem of Oblivion
March of the Bees
Piercing Grating Sound
Attack Response
Mosky Requiem
Paralysis Response


Some Skills have faster montions


Some Skills hit faster

Other changes

1. The skill name “Aerial Snare” has been changed to “Aether’s Hold”.

2. The number of Seed of Transformation required for transforming to Guard General I-V has been changed.

3. If a skill was carried out on a target during flight, it occurred with a delayed reaction. This problem has been fixed.

4. If a skill was carried out on a target during flight, it occurred with a delayed reaction. This problem has been fixed.

5. Dodge and resistance effects of some skills have been increased:
- The following skills are affected by the increase:
o Focused Evasion I
o Aethertwisting I
o Spelldodging I
o Nature’s Resolve I
o Controlled Evade I
o Illusion I
o Contract of Resistance I
- Some skills that couldn’t be dodged or resisted now can be.

6. When the Spiritmaster in the Abyss region uses the skill “Summon: Group Member I” to summon group members, the skill didn’t work. The error has been fixed.
- In some regions of the Upper Abyss, including the “Miren Fortress, Krotan Fortress, Kysis Fortress”, it isn’t possible to use the skill “Summon Group Member I”.

7. When the Assassin used “Apply Poison V”, the values for bestow magic, bestow DP and Idian weren’t consumed. This problem has been fixed.

8. The Spiritmaster’s skill of summoning spirits can now also be used during flight.


4.5 Update
698ba00227e2453af5af15cd.png Character New class - Aethertech.
57c962b6715e19bd0c4ae4c1.png Skills New skills and improvements to the existing ones.
8c67d86b74808b494f884c66.png Insatnces 3 new kinds of inctances have been added.
Adbeec054781a88231e415e8.png Abyss Renewal of the Abyss.
F0c7c9f0e93f8c6543a17534.png Honour Points Abyss ranks are now based on Honour Points.
B28e8c86e5a42ab2c1e41afe.png Quests New Quests and changes to existing ones.
7042576ce05a7e765ff41aa2.png Items New Abyss Items.
F025ce732fa32b81eb071972.png Crafting New crafting system.
Eee51f373c7342c1ad240dad.png UI New hairstyles. Various UI improvements.
Fc35596d115e62a95f21e38a.png Miscellaneous Other changes.