4.5 Update - Miscellaneous

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1. The dialogue text for master NPCs in the Elyos/Asmodian capital cities have been changed, corresponding to class.

2. Some monsters related to [Hero Quests]] in Katalam Underground have been changed.

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1. If Windstream is used in North Katalam, the character ended up being isolated and unable to move.

2. Part of the surrounding area of the Satra Treasure Hoard has been changed.

3. Part of the surrounding area of Beluslan has been changed.

4. Part of the surrounding area of the Pepe Garrison, the Sillus Fortress and the Bassen Fortress in North Katalam has been changed.

5. Part of the Angrief Ruins in Inggison has been changed.

6. Part of the surrounding area of the Vorgaltem Battlefield has been changed.

7. Part of the surrounding area of the Steel Wall Bastion has been changed.

8. The chance of scoring a crit. hit on Jormungand’s armour designs and the master’s Catalium designs have been increased from 20% to 25%.

9. If sold goods were bought back, the Kinah amount was not always reduced. This problem has been fixed.

10. Part of the surrounding area of the Hall of Knowledge has been changed.

11. In North Katalam, part of the surrounding area of the 76th Garrison has been changed.

12. Some seats have been changed, as small characters were displayed incorrectly when sitting on them.


1. Coloured Flower Pots are not displayed on the pathfinder map anymore.


1. The 3G memory use permission function has been added.
- At [Settings – System Preferences – System], “3G memory use permitted (*)” can be ticked, making it usable.
- To be able to use this function, Windows Vista 32 bit OS or higher must be installed and the computer must have a memory larger than 4GB.

2. In particular situations, the client was closed by mistake. This problem has been fixed.


4.5 Update
698ba00227e2453af5af15cd.png Character New class - Aethertech.
57c962b6715e19bd0c4ae4c1.png Skills New skills and improvements to the existing ones.
8c67d86b74808b494f884c66.png Insatnces 3 new kinds of inctances have been added.
Adbeec054781a88231e415e8.png Abyss Renewal of the Abyss.
F0c7c9f0e93f8c6543a17534.png Honour Points Abyss ranks are now based on Honour Points.
B28e8c86e5a42ab2c1e41afe.png Quests New Quests and changes to existing ones.
7042576ce05a7e765ff41aa2.png Items New Abyss Items.
F025ce732fa32b81eb071972.png Crafting New crafting system.
Eee51f373c7342c1ad240dad.png UI New hairstyles. Various UI improvements.
Fc35596d115e62a95f21e38a.png Miscellaneous Other changes.