4.5 Update - Honour Points

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A new honour points system has been added.

1. Honour points are calculated with the existing Abyss Points by rank. This is new content.

2. To advance to an Officer 1 star, the character needs a specified number of honour points.

3. If a character is below the rank of a rank 1 soldier, they can reach their rank in the usual way with Abyss Points.

4. Every day at 12 PM ranks are recalculated. All characters that have a higher rank than Officer with 1 star, will have a specified number of honour points deducted according to rank and ranking. However, they won’t be deducted from characters that are killed by another character or a monster.

5. Honour points are initially calculated and distributed during the 4.5 update according to Abyss Points (relics are not counted), the rank and the ranking of the character. When honour points are distributed, Abyss Points are retained, but characters under level 50 and characters that have less than 30,000 Abyss Points will will be exlcuded from the calculation.

Brigade Generals from legions that own a special fortress can receive Fortress Honour Points. (But if a fortress isn’t successfully defended, or another Brigade General is elected, the honour points that the fortress has been given will disappear.)

If a legion that owns a special fortress has successfully defended the fortress, all ranks starting from Deputy Brigade General will receive honour points every time too.

Honour points are only used during ranking calculation. Abyss items can be purchased as usual with Abyss Points.

Honour points can be gained through fortress battles, eliminating boss monsters, as a quest reward and from instances (depending on how high the amount was during a fortress battle, part of the honour points can still be gained even if the attack/defence failed.)


4.5 Update
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Adbeec054781a88231e415e8.png Abyss Renewal of the Abyss.
F0c7c9f0e93f8c6543a17534.png Honour Points Abyss ranks are now based on Honour Points.
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