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Learn about the new Wrapping System!

4.5 Update introduced a new way to trade some of the untradeable items.

Just remember the most of the wrappable items are below Level 65.

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Only certain items can be wrapped.

- Only few level 65 items can be wrapped.

- Abyss Items, Coin Items and Soul Bounded Items can not be wrapped.

- You can check list of all wrappable items below: Wrappable Items.

Packaging Scrolls are required to wrap an Item.

- Type of the Scroll depends on three things:.

· Level: Level 65 and below, Level 60 and below

· Type: Weapon, Armour, Accessory

· Grade: Eternal, Fabled

- For more information see: Packaging Scrolls.

Wrapped Items can be traded.

- Items are automatically unwrapped once the deal is finalized.

- Wrapped Items can not be moved to the Account Warehouse.

All enchantments stay untouched.

- Enchantment Level, Manastones, Godstones, Idians, Appearances remain the same.

- Armsfused Items can not be wrapped so remove the secondary weapon before using a scroll.


Wrapping an Item requires appropriate Packaging Scroll.

Double-click on the scroll and select a wrappable Item.

You wrap Items by:

1. Double-clicking on the Packaging Scroll.

2. Selecting a wrappable Item.

3. Choosing [Yes] in the pop-up window.


Make sure an Item can be wrapped


After selecting an Item a confirmation window appears


Choose [Yes] and your Item will be wrapped!


Enchantment Level, Mansatones, Godstones remain the same

Wrappable Items

Class Type Grade Item Type
Token Items Battle Items (Battle Medal)
Added in KR - Update November 6th 2013
Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Kahrun's Set (Kahrun's Symbol) Eternal Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Crucible Items (Crucible Insignia) Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour
Arena Items (Courage Insignia) Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour
Daevanion Level 50 Daevanion Items Fabled Weapon / Armour
Level 60 Daevanion Items Eternal Weapon / Armour
Instances Fire Temple Fabled Weapon
Kromede's Trial Fabled Weapon / Shield
Steel Rake Fabled Weapon / Armour
Draupnir Cave Fabled Weapon / Armour
Treasures of Inner Forts Fabled Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Theobomos Lab Fabled Weapon / Accessory
Adma Stronghold Fabled Weapon / Accessory
Dark Poeta Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Udas Temple
Lower Udas Temple
Fabled Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Beshmundir Temple Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Esoterrace Fabled Weapon / Armour
Abyssal Splinter Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour
Padmarashka's Cave Eternal Weapon / Armour
Raksang Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Muada's Trencher Eternal / Fabled Shield / Accessory
Elementis Forest
Argent Manor
Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Rentus Base Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour / Shield
Tiamat's Fortress Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour / Accessory
Shattered Abyssal Splinter Eternal / Fabled Weapon / Armour

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