4.5 Update - Abyss

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Abyss Fortress

1. Krotan, Miren and Kysis Fortresses in the Upper Abyss have been changed for players of level 65.
- The Guardian NPCs, who are at the fortresses, have been changed from level 50 to level 65.

2. When a fortress is vulnerable, a Guardian NPC appears who has been upgraded from level 50 to level 65.

3. General Goods Merchants, Legion Merchants and other NPCs and have been added in fortresses.

4. When a fortress is vulnerable, additional defence towers appear at some of the locations where defence weapons previously appeared.
The defence towers can only be used by legion members that have occupied the fortress. To be able to use the tower, you require a special item.

5. The reward for a successful fortress siege (Attack/Defence) has been increased.


Guards are now Level 65


Deity General is now Level 65

Abyss Artefacts

Artefacts in the inner Upper Abyss have been changed to level 65.
- The level of the NPCs guarding the artefact has been adjusted from level 50 to level 65.
- Some artefacts now have changed names and changed skill effects.
- The item that is needed to activate the artefact has been changed.


Artefact Guards are now Level 65


Some Artefact Skills have been changed

Artefact Bases

In the centre of the Upper Abyss, three new artefacts have been added.
- To occupy the artefacts, the guardian must be eliminated.
- When the artefact has been occupied, an artefact Activation Stone can be used in order to use the artefact skill.
- When the artefact has been occupied, a defence tower and mountable cannons appear.


Locations of Artefact Bases


Artefact Base

Siege Rewards

1. The maximum number of soldiers that can receive a reward when a Balaur Fortress and Katalam Fortress have been successfully attacked/defended, has been increased by 180 people and 200 people respectively.
- The reward for the Brigade General, when a conquered fortress has been successfully defended, has been increased.


Other changes

1. The chance of a Dredgion appearing in the Reshanta Region has been reduced.

The siege times of the Upper and Lower Abyss have been changed.

The effects for the activation of artefacts have been changed in the centre of the Upper Abyss.

The skill effect of the Hellfire artefact in the centre of the upper Abyss has been changed.


4.5 Update
698ba00227e2453af5af15cd.png Character New class - Aethertech.
57c962b6715e19bd0c4ae4c1.png Skills New skills and improvements to the existing ones.
8c67d86b74808b494f884c66.png Insatnces 3 new kinds of inctances have been added.
Adbeec054781a88231e415e8.png Abyss Renewal of the Abyss.
F0c7c9f0e93f8c6543a17534.png Honour Points Abyss ranks are now based on Honour Points.
B28e8c86e5a42ab2c1e41afe.png Quests New Quests and changes to existing ones.
7042576ce05a7e765ff41aa2.png Items New Abyss Items.
F025ce732fa32b81eb071972.png Crafting New crafting system.
Eee51f373c7342c1ad240dad.png UI New hairstyles. Various UI improvements.
Fc35596d115e62a95f21e38a.png Miscellaneous Other changes.