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Rune Shield Tower



The east of the Katalam Underground is the region with the highest Id content. The ancient Rune tribe built the shield tower to protect this area from attacks. The Rune Shield Tower contains the Rune tribe’s Shield Generators, which the shield obtains its energy from. But ever since the Beritra Army’s 43rd Destruction Squad destroyed part of the device during their invasion, Daevas have had to manually provide the Shield Generator with energy to keep the shield intact. The 43rd Destruction Squad is now trying to use the fact that the Daevas can’t use the Idium and Rune technology of the Shield Tower due to the weakened shield, to destroy the Shield.

The Elyos/Asmodians are trying to keep the Shield Generators intact, as the whole Katalam Underground could be in grave danger if the Rune Shield Tower is destroyed. The ancient Rune technology is integrated in the tower, which would then also disappear. This is why they are always sending Daevas to the Shield Tower to, on the one hand, keep the generator active and on the other, defend the Shield Tower from invasions by the 43rd Destruction Squad.

Instance Players Level Entry Count Entry Count Reset time
Rune Shield Tower 6 65+ F2P: 2
GP: 4
Every Wednesday at 9:00 AM

Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield



Commander Pashid conquered the Steel Wall Bastion which is an important entrance in Katalam. However, the Pashid Legion had suffered great damage in the battle at the Steel Wall Bastion and was weakened by it. The Elyos/Asmodians were aware of this, which is why they sent their troops to the Steel Wall Bastion.

The Elyos/Asmodians have begun fighting against the Balaur to seize the base at the Steel Wall Bastion. However, as both factions have the Steel Wall Bastion as a target, a battle between the Elyos and Asmodians is starting now as well. That’s why it is called the Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield, as this is the place where Asmodians, Elyos and Balaur fight each other, all with the same aim of conquering this area.

Instance Players Level Entry Count Entry Time
Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield 24 VS 24 61 ~ 65 F2P: 1
GP: 2
Sunday 00:00 ~ 02:00
Sunday 12:00 ~ 14:00

Upper Abyss



Balaur Lord Beritra wanted to expand his territory after seizing Katalam, by also trying to seize Reshanta. The Makarah Legion of Reshanta had been weakened by the long battle against the Elyos/Asmodians. Beritra knew this and secretly sent the Baranath Legion to Reshanta. The Baranath Legion showed the Makarah Legion the power and authority of Beritra and demanded that they submit themselves to the Beritra. The Makarah Legion had no other choice but to promise they would, as they knew they were weaker than Beritra. This meant that the battle fortress fell into Beritra’s hands.

The Elyos/Asmodians discovered this and planned to strengthen their armed forces in the fortress so that they could defend themselves against the Beritra army. Now it’s up to the Elyos/Asmodians to occupy artefact bases and best utilise the siege weapons to seize or defend a fortress. A tough fortress battle against powerful opponents is starting in the Abyss.

Instance Players Level Entry Count Entry Count Reset Time
Krotan War Fortress
Krotan Legion Fortress
6 61 ~ 65 F2P: 4
GP: 7
Daily at 9 AM
Kysis War Fortress
Kysis Legion Fortress
6 61 ~ 65 F2P: 4
GP: 7
Daily at 9 AM
Miren War Fortress
Miren Legion Fortress
6 61 ~ 65 F2P: 4
GP: 7
Daily at 9 AM

- In the Upper Abyss, instances have been added, available to characters level 61 and higher.
- The new instances have the same setup as the existing level 40 versions. Players can enter either instance versions depending on their current level.
- Characters belonging to the faction that conquered the fortress can enter the Krotan/Kysis/Miren War Fortress.
- Characters belonging to the legion that conquered the fortress can enter the Krotan/Kysis/Miren War Fortress.
- The entry NPC is at the same location. Normal characters can enter the standard instance through the entry gate. Characters belonging to the conquering legion must go to the “Officer for Legion Recruits” to be able to enter the instance.

Instance Entry Count

1. The new instance entry restriction is determined by the entry count.





- When the instance is entered, the entry count decreases.
- When all entries have been used, the cooldown time until reset will be activated.
- The instance information shows how many entries are possible.

Instance Information Display Description
8ea084e6bd602ff037aa7386.png The instance information displays: Remaining entries/max. entries
Dad4a23eccd844e84c3550f7.png Instance that can be entered without entry limit.
43094f808ef444ffaf749a02.png Is displayed if the level is too low to be able to enter the instance.

2. The following list shows the instances that can be entered several times and at what time the number of entries is reset.
- Open = accessible without limitation
- Weekly = is reset Wednesdays at 9 AM
- Daily = is reset every morning at 9 AM

- Solo instance can be re-entered after 10 minutes.
- Group instances reset when the group with which you previously left the instance, is dissolved and you re-enter with a new group.
- In Battlefields, Arenas and Dredgions, entry will still only be possible at specified times.
- Instances, which had standard entry times, can now be entered daily. (Runadium, Katalamize, Refuge of the Rune Tribe, Corridor of Betrayal, Jormungand Bridge).
- The time scrolls have been renamed, corresponding to the changed number of entries.

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Changes to existing Instances

1. Some attributes/amounts/locations of instance monsters have been adjusted as follows:

Instance Adjustment
Nochsana Training Camp
Aetherogenetics Lab
Alquimia Research Centre
Azoturan Fortress
Indratu Fortress
Udas Temple
Lower Udas Temple
Monster attributes adjusted
Fire Temple
Steel Rake
Theobomos Lab
Adma Stronghold
Attributes, locations and number of monsters adjusted

2. In some instances, boss monsters now have a higher item drop rate.
- Dark Poeta, Steel Rake, Lower Udas Temple, Udas Temple, Fire Temple

Other changes

1. The problem that characters who died on the Instance Servers were revived on the normal server has been fixed.

2. Fixed a problem at “Aturam Sky Fortress” which prevents players to continue playing if a creature was attacked that was only there for display purposes.

3. If Yonkie, Yonk, Tukie and Tuk disappear in the “Idgel Research Laboratory“ and “Idgel Research Laboratory (Legion)“ after a specified amount of time, a system notification appears now.

4. The combat style of Rune Witch Grendal in “Runadium” has been changed to some extent.

5. The combat style of some monsters in the “Sauro War Depot” has been changed.

6. Fixed a problem in the “Void Room (Legion)” where some monsters were positioned incorrectly.

7. Fixed a problem which made it possible for players who had transformed into Guardian Generals, to switch between instance servers.

8. Fixed a problem with players not able to continue moving whilst playing in “Jormundgand’s Bridge”, even if the bridge to the cannons appeared.

9. If one was playing in “Kromede’s Trial” and the skill items were used, these remained in the inventory even upon leaving it. This problem has been fixed.

10. Defence soldiers that are stationed at the “Steel Wall Bastion” and are defending the Inner Floodgate (or the inner wall) now have 10% less health points.

11. Attributes have been drastically reduced for some of the monsters in the “Steel Wall Bastion”.

Some of the locations of the exits, which appear after completing the instances, have been changed.

Tamer Anikiki, who is at the “Steel Rake Cabin” moved strangely, so that it was difficult for players to eliminate him. This behaviour has been corrected.


4.5 Update
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