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Skill changes and accessory awakening!

Update on November 6th, 2013 changed many things.

The most important are skill changes and awakening system.

Update Cheat Sheet

1. Skill changes

2. Awakening System

3. General-only items

4. Better rewards for Battle PvP quests

5. Better rewards from Instances

Hall of Fame & Temple of Honour

1. Hall of Fame and Temple of Honour have been added to Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priory..

Background Story
The Elyos Hall of Fame and Asmodian Temple of Honour are special areas designed to commemorate esteemed Daevas who battle for the glory of their faction. The innermost Shrine of Glory and Refuge of Glory are only accessible to Daevas who have achieved the general rank or higher.

- Shrine of Glory and Refuge of Glory are located in the centre of Hall of Fame and Temple of Honour.
- An NPC that provides consumable items to Daevas of Officer Rank or higher is also present.
- A new General's Consumable Item NPC has been added to the Gallery of Heroes and Shrine of Heroes, replacing the previous NPC in Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Priory.


Hall of Fame


Temple of Honour


Specials skins for generals


New wings only for generals



Skill changes make things better!


and most of them apply to Aethertech!

1. The Gladiator skills Force Cleave I and Force Cleave II have been changed.
- The range will be affected by the range of the weapon equipped.
- The skill's magic accuracy has been increased.

2. The Templar skill Judgment can now be used while wielding close-range weapons.

3. The Assassin skill Blinding Burst I has been changed.
- The skill now applies to 8 enemies, up from 6.
- The priority of Blinding Burst I has increased.

4. The Ranger skill Arrow Deluge has been changed.
- The skill now applies to 6 enemies, up from 3.
- The range has been increased to 7m from the target, up from 5m.

5. The Sorcerer skill Ice Sheet has been changed.
- The skill now applies to 8 enemies, up from 6.
- Damage has been increased.

6. The Spiritmaster skill Spirit Wrath Position I has been changed.
- The skill effect for Earth Spirit has changed from a protective shield, to an increase in max HP.

7. The range of Chanter mantras have increased from 20m to 25m.

8. The Cleric skill Shatter Memory VII now decreases enmity further.

9. The Gunner's skill Mind Manipulation IV now decreases enmity further.

10. Some Aethertech skills have been changed.
- HP recovery has been added to Rapid Recharge I-V.
- The cooldown of Id Shield I-IV has been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
- The ranges for the effects of Cooling Wave I-V, Wave of Destruction I-VI, Vampiric Wave I-II, Idium Whip I-VII, Idium Ray I, Divine Dragon Cannon I-III, and Rage Wave I-II have been increased.
- The amount of HP recovered when using Vampiric Wave I-II has been increased from 75% to 100% of the damage dealt.
- There's now a limit to how many players will be affected by Vampiric Wave I-II and Divine Dragon Cannon I-III.
- The damage of Divine Dragon Cannon I-III has been increased.
- The duration of Mystic Tank I-V has been increased from 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds.
- The range of Electric Binding I-VI has been increased from 15m to 20m.
- The effect of Electric Binding I-VI will now be applied first when stacked with another effect.

11. The Bard skill Magic Boost Mode I now also increases your Magic Accuracy by 100.

12. Booster effects have been revised that were displayed strangely at certain locations.

13. The problem in which a booster effect icon was displayed on a selected target even though this effect could not be used on it, has been fixed.

Awakening System

1. An Awakening System has been added.
- You can upgrade your items by using Tempering Solution.

Level Name Description

65 Tempering Solution Pour this holy water onto an eligible item to enhance its powers. Double-click to use, and select the eligible item.

- PvP stats are awarded for successfully awakening. If awakening fails, the upgrade level returns to 0 and any gained PvP stats are lost.
- The awakening system is only available for accessories above Level 50. Some event/timed items are also ineligible.
- Upgrade level is added before the item name and can be checked on the bottom of the tooltip. Also, the increased PvP stats are displayed in parentheses.

- Some instance bosses have a low chance of dropping Box of Upgrade Serum.


Item's tooltip after awakening


This item can not be upgraded

The following bosses now have a small chance to drop Box of Upgrade Serum:

Instance Monster
Fire Temple Kromede the Corrupt
Vile Judge Kromede
Theobomos Lab Unstable Triroan
Adma Stronghold Lord Lannok
Draupnir Cave Commander Bakarma
Dark Poeta Calindi Flamelord
Tahabata Pyrelord
Beshmundir Temple(Hard Mode) Isbariya the Resolute
Rentus Base Brigade General Vasharti
Tiamat's Fortress Tahabata's Treasure Chest
Rune Shield Tower Dynatum Prototype
Sauro War Depot Guard Leader Achradim
Brigade General Sita of the 40th Army



Reward from some battlefield are much better


Level 65 treasure rooms give more AP

1. The amount of Abyss Points that can be obtained from Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield and Kamar's Battlefield has been increased.

2. The amount of Abyss Points awarded from the Ancient Treasure Box has been increased. This chest can be obtained from Krotan War Fortress, Krotan Legion Fortress, Kysis War Fortress, Kysis Legion Fortress, Miren War Fortress and Miren Legion Fortress.

3. Fixed a bug where Morale Boost was applied when using a resurrection skill in Kamar's Battlefield.

4. Fixed a bug with Stone of Chaos and Branch of Chaos in the Eternal Bastion and Assassin skills.


1. The amount of Abyss Points that can be obtained through PvP has increased.
- The amount of Abyss Points that can be obtained by winning in PvP has been adjusted.
- The amount of Abyss Points that are deducted when losing in PvP has been adjusted based on rank.
- The max amount of Abyss Points that can be obtained in a set time has been adjusted based on rank.


From now on you wont reach AP limits so often

2. Summoned spirits will remain in place when travelling through windstreams.

3. Fixed a bug where the spirit command controls switched from manual to auto when teleporting with a spirit.

4. Fixed a bug where the spirit became visible right away to other users when teleporting.

5. The speed when switching between regular/battle modes while in a Mech has been changed.


1. The amount of Abyss Points that can be obtained from various ways in the Upper Reshanta Fortresses (Krotan, Miren, Kysis) and Katalam Fortresses (Sillus, Prades, Bassen) has been increased.


1. The amount of supplements needed for socketing manastones has been changed.
- The amount of supplements needed for both regular and composite Critical Strike/Attack Manastones has been changed to be consistent with all other manastones.
- The amount of supplements needed for Composite Manastones has been reduced.
- The amount of supplements needed for Ancient Manastones has been adjusted according to the manastone's class.

2. Items purchased with Battle Medals can now be wrapped.
- Only 'Fabled/Eternal' items can be wrapped, and the limit is 3 times.

3. Fixed a bug where the Aethertech skill Id Shield wasn't available from Greater Stigma Bundles.
- Greater Stigma Bundles are obtained from instances within conquered fortresses.

4. The Brazen Bulwark Burster and Bulwark Burster from the Rune Shield Tower are now able to be traded for a limited time.

5. In the alchemy production categories, the name of the ‘Enchantment Stone’ has been changed to ‘Modification Item’

6. Fixed a bug where a Siamese Cat pet summoned by another player didn't show up correctly.

7. Fixed a bug where Aegis Tunic and Brazen Aegis Tunic didn't display correctly.

8. Fixed typos on some item tooltips.



Better rewards for PVP quests

1. The number of Battle Medals that can be obtained from completing PvP daily quests in Katalam has been increased.
- Before: 3 Battle Medals

- After: 4 Battle Medals

2. Fixed a bug where the locations of completed quests didn't show up correctly if the number of quests exceeded 50.

3. Fixed the required level and sale price of the Harp that is rewarded from the Elyos quest Refreshing the Springs.

4. Fixed typos in some quests.

Other Changes


1. Fixed a bug where mounts appeared abnormal when a character's Guardian transformation ends abruptly.


1. Some parts of Hall of Knowledge have been fixed.

2. Some parts of Katalam Underground have been fixed.


1. Fixed typos in some confirmation windows.


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