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Lakrum, the place where the Dragon Lord Ereshkigal traveled to.

Once you reach Lakrum, it is time to reach level 80.


Elyos and Asmodians have strong bases in this region. PVP and RVR is rather unavoidable.

Everlasting Life Refuge will act as the Elyos stronghold. Temple of Perpetual Wisdom as Asmodian stronghold.

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Lakrum Introduction

1. Preparing [T2] PVP Equipment

If you want to prepare for full-scale PVP in Lakrum, it’s time to start collecting Genesis Crystals.

■ Genesis Crystal

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Level Name Description

80 Genesis Crystal A crystal with faint traces of Aion's power Take it to the Reward Officer at the Ancient Sanctum of Life or the Ancient Temple of Wisdom at Lakrum to exchange it for a reward.

Legendary/Ultimate equipment can be acquired by upgrading Ancient items using Materials acquired in Dumaha.

2. Preparing [T2] PVE Equipment

If you want to tackle a Dungeon in Lakrum, check the location of the entrance for your race.

■ Instanced Dungeon Entrance

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6.0 Update - REFLY
Quests Elyos:

Legion Tasks


Legion Tasks

Dungeons Prometun's Workshop
General Items Currency:
Gold Ingot


Genesis Crystal

Mark of Protection

Mark of Wisdom

New items PVP A:

Ancient Brave Fighter's Set
Legendary Dancing Red Flame Set
Ultimate Dancing Red Flame Set

Ancient Courageous Fighter's Set
Legendary Dancing Ember Set
Ultimate Dancing Ember Set

Ancient Steadfast Protector's Set
Ancient Garden Set
Ancient Misty Set
Ancient Black Abyss Set
Legendary Cold Blue Flame Set
Legendary Black Flame Set
Ultimate Cold Blue Flame Set

Legendary Anomos Set
Ultimate Anomos Set (Extendable)

PVE Craft:

Ancient Rubrum Set
    Ancient Noble Rubrum Set
Legendary Rubrum Set
    Legendary Noble Rubrum Set
Ultimate Rubrum Set
    Ultimate Noble Rubrum Set

PVP Craft:
Ancient Aerot Set
    Ancient Noble Aerot Set
Legendary Aerot Set
    Legendary Noble Aerot Set
Ultimate Aerot Set
    Ultimate Noble Aerot Set

Gear Exchange PVE:

Ancient Daeva Protector Set
Legendary Daeva Protector Set
Ultimate Daeva Protector Set


Ancient Daeva Fighter Set
Legendary Daeva Fighter Set
Ultimate Daeva Fighter Set

System Daevanion Skills

Shukiruk Smugglers

Equipment Upgrade System

Enchanting Rates

Additional Updates KR - Update January 24th 2018

KR - Update January 31st 2018

KR - Update February 7th 2018

KR - Update February 21st 2018

Next Update:
6.2 Update