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Breakthrough System

Breakthrough System Features.

- Allows items to go beyond the current maximum Enchanting level.

- Available only for items with "Breakthrough Possible" property.

- Inert Amplification Tool and additional materials required.

- To Breakthrough an item you will need a Amplification Stone or the same item you are trying to strengthen.

Level Name Description

1 Inert Amplification Tool Previously allowed equipment to be enchanted beyond its maximum enchantment level, but has lost its power.

65 Amplification Stone Used for equipment amplification. Equipment amplification can be performed by combining the targeted item with an identical item or with an Amplification Stone.

- Breakthrough Stone will drop in following instances.

Theobomos Lab
Adma Stronghold
Dark Poeta
Udas Temple
Lower Udas Temple
Beshmundir Temple
Padmarashka's Cave
Argent Manor
Elementis Forest
Muada's Trencher
Rentus Base
Tiamat's Fortress
Tiamat's Hideout
Landing Stage of the Steel Rose
Rune Tribe Refuge
Jormungand's Bridge
Sauro War Depot
Jormungand's Bridge (Bonus)
Runadium (Heroic)
Rune Shield Tower
Steel Wall Bastion
Runadium (Bonus)
Rune Shield Tower (Heroic)

How to Breakthrough

Here is how to Breakthrough an item.

- Double-click on the Breakthrough Tool and select an item you would like to strengthen to bring the Breakthrough Window up.

- You will need a Amplification Stone or a second copy of the item you are trying to Breakthrough.

- There is a 100% chance to Breakthrough an item


Breakthrough Information

'Breakthrough Possible' property has been added to items tooltips.

Breakthrough Features Description
Breakthrough Possible Property Item with that property can be strengthen through Breakthrough System
Enchantment Level Item that has been strengthen has this icon 07f950af621512bc62d5c307.png next to the current Enchantment level
Breakthrough Skill When an item reaches Enchantment level +20 it will be granted a random Breakthrough Skill


Breakthrough Possible Property


Current Enchantment level and a Breakthrough Skill
displayed it the item's tooltip

Enchanting after Breakthrough

After you Breakthrough an item you can try to enchant it without any limitations.

- After Breakthrough, Enchanting has following features.

Category Enchanting Enchanting after Breakthrough
Enchantment Stone Any Enchantment Stone Only Omega Enchantment Stone
Success Enchantment level increases by +1~+3 Enchantment level increases by +1
Enchanting Effect Rises basic attributes Rises basic attributes
Additional random skill at level 20
After level 20 increases the maximum number of possible wrappings
Failure Level +1~+10: Drops by 1
Level +10~+15: Drops to +10
Reverses to the previous state
(to the maximum enchantment level)
Supplements Available Not Available
Effect Maximum Enchantment Level


Level 20 and higher


- When you reach level +20 your item will be given a random skill and it's maximum wrapping count will increase.

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All-Powerful Enchantment Stone

Item that has been strengthen with the Breakthrough System can only be Enchanted with the All-Powerful Enchantment Stone.

- Omega Enchantment Stone can drop from monsters in various areas.

Level Name Description

65 Omega Enchantment Stone Enhances basic attributes of weapons or armor. Use during normal enchantment or after amplification.

Can be used to refine essence cores.

Activate by double-clicking the stone and selecting an item to enchant.

- All-Powerful Enchantment Stone drop in following areas.

Silentera Canyon
Tiamaranta's Eye
North Katalam
South Katalam
Katalam Underground


1. Evolution of an item that has been strengthen with the Breakthrough System has following features.

Category Evolution Result
Breakthrough If evolution lowers item's current enchantment level below it's natural maximum level Breakthrough is going to be removed
Breakthrough Skill If evolution lowers item's level below +20 the Breakthrough Skill is going to be removed
When you reach +20 once again after the evolution the Breakthrough Skill is going to be randomly re-assigned
Wrappings The number of wrappings maintain after the evolution
- The number of wrappings is set before the evolution

2. You can use All-Powerful Enchantment Stone to exceed Fire Dragon's Item's maximum enchantment without breakthroughing them.
However if you fail to enchant a Fire Dragon item it will be destroyed.

3. When enchanting an item to +20 a regional message is going to be displayed.

4. 'Breakthrough' tab has been added to the broker under [Consumables – Modify]


Enchanting Update
3dc7d0082b6168c224b8e639.png Breakthrough System Breakthrough System has been added allowing players to go beyond item's Enchanting limit.
4354d758c36cb2c7d1afb0dd.png +20 Enchanting Effect Items with Enchanting level 20+ have a new effect, receive a random skill and wrapping count increases.
5bb3ceb7916c37abf19a5a16.jpg Other Changes Enchanting Update introduced some minor changes like some Abyss items can now be dyed.
5f71f1575ab58a6698c3cd2b.png Related Items Inert Amplification Tool l Amplification Stone l Omega Enchantment Stone