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Breakthrough your item to exceed it's maximum Enchantment level!

The Enchanting Update introduced a new system which allows items to go beyond their maximum enchantment level.

After you Breakthrough an item it is possible to continue enchanting it by using All-Powerful Enchantment Stone. When you reach level 20 your item will become wrappable and it will be granted a random Breakthrough Skills


1. Items with Breakthrough Possible property can exceed their maximum enchantment level. (Only some items have this property)

2. You can purchase a Inert Amplification Tool from General Goods merchants.

3. You will need an additional material to Breakthrough an item. It can either be a <Amplification Stone> or <a second copy> of the item you are trying to strengthen.

4. There is a 100% chance to Breakthrough an item. After the process is complete you will see the Breakthrough Icon next to the enchantment level.

5. After Breakthrough to enchant an item you must use Omega Enchantment Stone.

- If you fail the item will be reversed to it's pre-breakthrough state.

6. When an item reaches at least level +20 it will receive a Breakthrough Skill and it's maximum wrapping count will increase.


Double-click on the Breakthrough Tool and select an item from your


To Breakthrough an item you will need an additional material


To enchant a Breakthrough item you have to use
All-Powerful Enchantment Stone


A Breakthrough Skill

Breakthrough Possible Property

Only items that have reached the maximum enchantment level can be Breakthrough.

If the item's maximum enchantment level is 10 you can Breakthrough it at level +10, if the maximum level is 15 you can Breakthrough at +15.

Not all items can be Breakthrough, for an item to be able to use this system it needs a certain property.

You can check whether or not an item is Breakthrough Possible by looking at its tooltip.


Check if the item can be Breakthrough in the tooltip


Some item can not be Breakthrough
because they lack the property

Breakthrough Tool

You can purchase Inert Amplification Tool from General Goods merchants all over Atreia for a very low price.

Double-click on the Breakthrough Tool and select an item from your inventory to bring up the Breakthrough window.

Level Name Description

1 Inert Amplification Tool Previously allowed equipment to be enchanted beyond its maximum enchantment level, but has lost its power.


You can buy Breakthrough Tool from a vendor for a really low price


Double-click on the toll and select an item from your inventory

Additional Materials (Breakthrough Stone or Equipment Item)

There is an empty slot on the right side of the Breakthrough window where you must put an additional material.

Additional material is either a <Amplification Stone> or <a second copy> of the item you are about to Breakthrough. In other words, for items of which finding a second copy might be hard, like Evolution or Abyss items it is recommended to use a Breakthrough Stone, for relatively easy to find items it might be better to use a second copy.

Level Name Description

65 Amplification Stone Used for equipment amplification. Equipment amplification can be performed by combining the targeted item with an identical item or with an Amplification Stone.


As the additional material you can use a second copy of the item


or use a Breakthrough Stone which drops in some instances

- Bosses in some instances have low probability of dropping the Amplification Stone.

- Instances where you can find a Breakthrough Stone are:

Theobomos Lab
Adma Stronghold
Dark Poeta
Udas Temple
Lower Udas Temple
Beshmundir Temple
Padmarashka's Cave
Argent Manor
Elementis Forest
Muada's Trencher
Rentus Base
Tiamat's Fortress
Tiamat's Hideout
Landing Stage of the Steel Rose
Rune Tribe Refuge
Jormungand's BridgeSauro War Depot
Jormungand's Bridge (Bonus)
Runadium (heroic)
Rune Shield Tower
Steel Wall Bastion
Runadium (Bonus)
Rune Shield Tower (heroic)

Item after Breakthrough


You can see the Breakthrough Icon in the item's tooltip

To Breakthrough an item use the Breakthrough Toll, select an additional material and accept the change.

There is a 100% chance to Breakthrough an item.

When you see the Breakthrough Icon ( File:07f950af621512bc62d5c307.png|link=]] ) next to the current enchantment level you can start trying to enchant your item without any limitations.

Breakthrough - Infinite Enchanting

After you Breakthrough an item it is possible to try to increase it's enchantment level.

To do that you will need a Omega Enchantment Stone, after Breakthrough regular Enchantment Stones will not work.

After Breakthrough, Enchanting has following features.

Category Enchanting Enchanting after Breakthrough
Enchantment Stone Any Enchantment Stone Only Omega Enchantment Stone
Success Enchantment level increases by +1~+3 Enchantment level increases by +1
Enchanting Effect Rises basic attributes Rises basic attributesAdditional random skill at level 20After level 20 increases the maximum number of possible wrappings
Failure Level +1~+10: Drops by 1
Level +10~+15: Drops to +10
Reverses to the previous state(to the maximum enchantment level)
Supplements Available Not Available
Effect Maximum Enchantment Level


Level 20 and higher



For regular enchanting you can use any stone
and Supplements are available


After Breakthrough you can only use All-Powerful Enchantment Stone

■ God's Enchanting Stone

God's Enchanting Stone drop from monsters in various areas and can be used to enchant Breakthrough items.

All-Powerful Enchantment Stone can also be used for regular +1~+15 enchanting.

Level Name Description

65 Omega Enchantment Stone Enhances basic attributes of weapons or armor. Use during normal enchantment or after amplification.

Can be used to refine essence cores.

Activate by double-clicking the stone and selecting an item to enchant.

- All-Powerful Enchantment Stone drops in following areas.

Silentera Canyon
Katalam Underground Akaron

Additional Effects

At level +20, your item will unlock a new features.

■ Breakthrough Skills

An item that reached +20 is granted a random Breakthrough Skill.

Weapons receive an Active Breakthrough Skill while armour parts a Passive one.

Breakthrough Skill Description
Active Skill given to a weapon once it reaches Breakthrough level 20
- After equipping such item drag and drop your new skill to the quick bar
- This skill can not be used when weapon is not equipped
- After equipping the item you will have to wait 15sec before being able to use the skill
- Keep in mind that after using the skill and changing the weapon the cooldown will be increased by that 15sec
Passive Skill given to an armor part after reaching Breakthrough level 20
- Applies immediately after equipping the item- The effect will disappear once you take off that part

Related> Breakthrough Skills


One of the weapon skills Power: Recovery I


One of the armor skills Blessing: Boost Physical Attack I


Drag and drop your new active skill to the quick bar


Effect of one of the Breakthrough Skills

■ Wrapping Count

With every level above +20 your item's maximum wrapping count increases by one.

Starting from +20 wrapping system has following features.

Wrapping Features Description
Wrapping Count Increases Items that could not be wrapped before with Breakthrough level 20 can be wrapped 1 time
- There is no maximum allowed number of wrappings beyond Breakthrough level 20
Wrapping Count Exhausted The number of basic wrapping will be exhausted first
- After reaching +20 items receive additional wrappings
Enchanting Failure Item can only be wrapped once it reaches certain Breakthrough level


With every level above +20 the wrapping count increases by one


You can wrap and item with the Packaging Scroll

■ +20 Enchanting Effect

A new effect has been added for weapons and shields that have reached enchanting level +20 or higher.


Enchanting Effect on the +20 weapon


Compression of the old and new effect

Other Information

1. Evolution of an item that has been strengthen with the Breakthrough System has following features.

Category Evolution Result
Breakthrough If evolution lowers item's current enchantment level below it's natural maximum level Breakthrough is going to be removed
Breakthrough Skill If evolution lowers item's level below +20 the Breakthrough Skill is going to be removed
When you reach +20 once again after the evolution the Breakthrough Skill is going to be randomly re-assigned
Wrappings The number of wrappings maintain after the evolution
- The number of wrappings is set before the evolution

2. You can use All-Powerful Enchantment Stone to exceed Fire Dragon's Item's maximum enchantment without breakthroughing them.
- However if you fail to enchant a Fire Dragon item it will be destroyed.

3. A regional message is going to be displayed when succeeding in enchanting an item to +20.

4. 'Breakthrough' tab has been added to the broker under [Consumables – Modify]


Evolution of a Breakthrough item


You can find Breakthrough Stone on the Broker under
[Consumables – Modify]

Breakthrough FAQ

1. I Breakthrough an item but the stats didn't change.

- Breakthrough only allows your item to exceed it's maximum enchantment limit, Breakthrough itself doesn't change any stats.

- After Breakthrough use Omega Enchantment Stone to increase item's level, at level +20 special Enchantment effects will be unlocked.

2. After Breakthrough, will I get the same bonus stats for each level as before?

- After Breakthrough you will receive the same bonuses. More information here: Enhancing Items.

- Additionally, at level +20 you will receive a Breakthrough Skill, new Enchantment effect and your item will become wrappable.

3. What will happen if I Evolve a Breakthrough item?

- It's Enchantment level will decrease by 5.

- If it's level drops below it's maximum enchantment level the Breakthrough effect will be removed.

- For example, if you Evolve a +20 item it's level will drop to +15, the Breakthrough Skill and the Breakthrough effect will be removed.

4. Can I Breakthrough Governor items?

- Yes, you can Breakthrough Governor items, to increase the enchantment level you will have to use Omega Enchantment Stone from the start.

5. Will my item receive the Breakthrough Skill at +20 if it's maximum enchantment level is lower then 15?

- All items that reach level +20 will receive a Breakthrough Skill, Wrapping Possible property and new Enchantment effect.

- Even if item's maximum Enchantment level is lower then 15 all +20 features still apply.

6. To Breakthrough an Evolution item can I use the same Evolution item? (Enhanced Mad Grendal, Enhanced Unique Dynatum, Enhanced Angry(Enraged) Hyperion)

- Yes. You can use a second copy of the Evolution item.

- However, because it might be hard to come across a second copy of an Evolution item it is recommended to use the Amplification Stone instead.

7. What kind of skill does a Shield receive when it reaches level +20?

- When you enchant a Shield to at least +20 it will be granted one of the active Breakthrough Skills.

8. If I fail to enchant an item do I lose the Breakthrough Effect or does it stay?

- If you fail your item is reversed to it's pre-breakthrough state. It means you will have to Breakthrough it once again.