5.3 Update - Items

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New Equipment Items

1. New High Daeva equipment has been added.

- New High Daeva Abyss items can be purchased with Spinel Medal (Spinel Medals) from following NPCs.

Race NPC Location
Elyos Feita, Tegrao, Rapaeon Kaisinel Academy

Hall of Fame

Asmodian Ridar, Saubak, Kapanem, Marchutan Priory

Hall of Fame

- New High Daeva equipment obtainable in the Sanctum Battlefield/Pandaemonium Battlefield and Upper Abyss has been added.

- New High Daeva Abyss Accessories will be destroyed if the Upgrading process fails. As a compensation, you will receive following items.

- Use 10 Chaotic Belus Stone Fragments to assemble Chaotic Belus Stone, 환영석 can be exchanged for Abyss Points by following NPCs.

Race NPC Location
Elyos Damyurang Ariel's Crucible Sanctuary
Asmodian Remorunerk Azphel's Crucible Temple

- ‘혼돈의 차원석/마력 차원석 조각’ 10개를 조립하여 ‘혼돈의 차원석/마력 차원석’을 획득할 수 있으며, 마력 제작을 통해 5종의 마력 차원석으로 제작할 수 있습니다.

Siege Medals

1. A new fountain to exchange medals has been added to Esterra/Nosra.

- Use it to exchange Ceramium Medals for new Spinel Medal.

2. A new fountain to exchange medals has been added to the Lower Abyss.

- Use it to exchange Gold Medals for Platinum Medal.

3. Platinum Medal(s) can now be traded.

Magical Crafting

1. New Magical Crafting designs have been added.

- New designs can be purchased from NPCs in Esterra and Nosra.

- Pet designs can be purchased from special NPCs in Esterra and Nosra.

2. Pets that can produce bundles with Magical Crafting materials have been added.

- Pets can be created through Magical Crafting, they will produce junior / intermediate / senior / high Magical Crafting materials.


1. The number of times you can gather from one object has been changed.

Gathering Gathering Count Gathering Number
Before After Before After
Essencetapping 3 1 1 3
Aethertapping 5 1 1 3

2. Fortress Emblem from Katalam (Sillus, Prades, Basen Fortress) can now be disposed.

Item Price
Sillus Crest 450 Abyss Points
Silona Crest 560 Abyss Points
Pradeth Crest 560 Abyss Points

3. Quests items that can no longer be obtained or used can now be disposed of.

4. Materials that could be acquired from extraction or failing to enchant some High Daeva Shields sometimes were not paid. This issue has been fixed.


5.3 Dragon Lord's Resurrection


Maximum capacity of 384 people. Every Saturday at 22:00, a massive invasion starts.

Fortress · Abyss

Renewal of Fortress sieges. Fortresses in Gelkmaros/Inggisson have been removed.

Battlefield Union System

Sieges will now be handled through the Battlefield Union System. Leaders of the Battlefield Union will receive additional skills.


High Guardian/Archon Commander's Set with outstanding performance and skill enhancing abilities, has been added.

Character · Skills

Honour Points daily deduction has been removed, rank conditions for star officers have been changed.


New missions, and fortress-related PVP quests have been added.


Atreia Pass has been reorganized, the compass will now display players from the opposite race a little bit better.