5.3 Update - Character · Skills

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1. Honour Points ranking conditions have been changed.

- Honour Points will no longer be deduced from 1-Star Officer or higher every day at 12:00.

- In order to achieve the rank of 1-Star Officer or higher, a player must obtain 1,450 or more Honour Points within 1 month, failing to comply with above requirements or falling ill may result in being removed from the ranking.

- If you came back to the game after the update, your Honour Points might be temporarily adjusted to 0. After 2 weeks, everything will properly apply.

2. After the update, 'Abyss Lower/Upper' Fortresses and Anoha Fortress will be reset back to Balaur.

- Honour Points from legions that controlled Fortresses before the update will be deduced.

3. High Daeva will not fall when the flight time gets exhausted during flight, it will maintain the flight.

- Once the flight time has been exhausted, you will not be able to move.

- During that state, you won't be able to collect any materials.

- Skills and items can be used. Once the flight times has been restored, you will once again be able to fly.

4. Experience from gathering has been lowered.

5. Characters will now be able to use Return skills while in flight mode.

6. The window that pops up when a character dies has been changed.

- All possible ways of resurrecting will now be displayed in one window.

- Character가 사망한 지역과 귀환 거점 지역이 다를 경우 Character가 사망한 지역에서 부활할 수 있도록 거점 부활 방식을 추가하였습니다.

Before After
1 120160615023917.png 1 220160615023922.png

- Additional resurrection points have been added to following areas.

Race Area Race Area
Elyos Eltnen Asmodians Morheim
Verteron Altgard
Heiron Beluslan
Inggison Brusthonin
Theobomos Gelkmaros
Signia Vengar
Esterra Nosra

7. Report Auto Hunting function can now be used up to 30 times instead of 10.


1. New [Skill Cards] that can change the skin of some skills have been added.

- The skin can be obtained through a Skill Card, to change the skin check [Skill – Skill Skin] is the skill window.

- Go to skill details to change the skin.

Related> Skill Skin System

2. An issue with skill cooldown resetting under certain circumstances has been fixed.


5.3 Dragon Lord's Resurrection


Maximum capacity of 384 people. Every Saturday at 22:00, a massive invasion starts.

Fortress · Abyss

Renewal of Fortress sieges. Fortresses in Gelkmaros/Inggisson have been removed.

Battlefield Union System

Sieges will now be handled through the Battlefield Union System. Leaders of the Battlefield Union will receive additional skills.


High Guardian/Archon Commander's Set with outstanding performance and skill enhancing abilities, has been added.

Character · Skills

Honour Points daily deduction has been removed, rank conditions for star officers have been changed.


New missions, and fortress-related PVP quests have been added.


Atreia Pass has been reorganized, the compass will now display players from the opposite race a little bit better.