5.3 Update - Etc

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1. NPCs from closed 'Inggison, Gelkmaros Fortresses' have been moved.

Race NPC Area Items
Elyos Heriel Inggison Illusion Fortress Carved Master Fragment
Sabotes Sanctum Material Conversion Designs
Maire Sanctum Material Conversion Designs
Asmodian Eriams Gelkmaros Carved Master Fragment
Relir Pandaemonium Material Conversion Designs
Areke Pandaemonium Material Conversion Designs

2. NPCs selling Abyss items for AP and Platinum Medal(s) have been placed in the Teminon /Primum Landing.

Location NPC
Teminon Landing Opeira



Primum Landing Rodie



3. Abyss Lower/Upper Fortress전 진행 방식 변경에 따라 레기온 관련 NPC가 삭제하고, 스티그마 명인을 배치하였습니다.

4. 4. Issue with Vicht and Noiman NPCs not showing in the Lower Abyss has been fixed.

5. Stats and attributes of some monsters placed in the Rift of Oblivion have been changed.

- '특수군 지휘관 게가레스' will appear randomly as a Warrior/Assassin/Mage/Special type.

- '특수군 지휘관 게가레스', '바라나트 군단 드라만 정예 강습사관' 이 상태 이상이 적용되도록 변경하였습니다.

- Some stats of '특수군 지휘관 게가레스' have been changed.


1. Acquisition of Atreia Pass rewards has been changed.

Atreia Pass

- ① When you click the [Receive] button, an item will automatically appear in your inventory. The next compensation can be acquired the next day at 9:00.

- ② The [Receive] button next to the anniversary gift will appear once you connect on the month of your account's creation.

- The [Receive] button will maintain until you obtain your reward. Once you have collected all available stamps, you can start over.

- Unclaimed rewards from before this update will be sent via mail to the last character you logged in.

2. New window showing items that can be acquired while maintaining the connection during AFK events has been added.

- Event button will appear in the right corner of the screen.

- During an event, the icon will appear automatically each time you log in.

- Check ‘Turn off for today’ to not see the window until the next day.

Example Events Icon
B4943b9b3b0f35265a6ca177.png 40c4c3ceaadc0786e505b541.png

3. When targeting a character of the opposite race, the way the compass is displayed according to the altitude difference has been changed.

- If the character of the opposite race is located up to 25m below or above you, the icon () will be translucent.

- If the character of the opposite race is located outside the field of view it will now show on the compass.

4. The feature 'Options - Key Settings - Battle - Select Nearest Enemy PC' will now prioritize a target that attacked you last.

5. Stigma Master in the Upper Abyss Stronghold will now show on the map (M).

6. You can now set the <ESC> button to not open the System Menu.

- Open [Options – Game Options – User interface] and set 'ESC Key to open System Menu'.


5.3 Dragon Lord's Resurrection


Maximum capacity of 384 people. Every Saturday at 22:00, a massive invasion starts.

Fortress · Abyss

Renewal of Fortress sieges. Fortresses in Gelkmaros/Inggisson have been removed.

Battlefield Union System

Sieges will now be handled through the Battlefield Union System. Leaders of the Battlefield Union will receive additional skills.


High Guardian/Archon Commander's Set with outstanding performance and skill enhancing abilities, has been added.

Character · Skills

Honour Points daily deduction has been removed, rank conditions for star officers have been changed.


New missions, and fortress-related PVP quests have been added.


Atreia Pass has been reorganized, the compass will now display players from the opposite race a little bit better.