5.3 Update - Instanced Dungeons

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Dredgion Invasion





영원의 탑을 감싸고 있던 아트레이아의 결계가 약해지고 기나긴 시간 동안 멈춰있던 탑의 붕괴가 서서히 진행되며 세계는 조금씩 불안정해진다.

그 이변을 감지한 것이 어비스 심층이 얼어붙은 이후 오랜 기간 침묵하고 있던 에레슈란타의 주인, 에레슈키갈이었다.

에레슈키갈은 아트레이아의 결계가 약해진 것을 감지하자 드레드기온을 출항시켜 아트레이아(엘리시움/판데모니움)까지 세력을 뻗쳐 침공을 하기로 계획한다.

- When the time is right, a message 'Dredgion Invasion' will pop up and an application button will appear in the corner of your screen.

- After the admission button appears, you will have 15min to apply.

- Elyos can enter 'Sanctum Battlefield', Asmodians 'Pandaemonium Battlefield'.

- The server will only produce one instance of the Sanctum Battlefield and Pandaemonium Battlefield for the entire server, both dungeons will allow only one entry. (One Elyos/Asmodians at a time)

- Features of 'Sanctum Battlefield', 'Pandaemonium Battlefield' are as follows.

Personnel Level Opening Hours Entires
384 Level 66+ Saturday 22:00 ~ 22:15 Unlimited

Changes to Battlefield-type Instances

1. Admission times to some instances have been changed.

Instanced Dungeon Day of the Week Before After
Arena of Chaos/Discipline/Cooperation Monday to Friday 18:00 ~ 22:00 18:00 ~ 1:00 the next day
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 ~ 0:00 none
Arena of Glory Every Sunday 19:00 ~ 22:00 15:00 ~ 21:00

2. Honour Points rewards have either been increased or added to the level 66 Discipline/Chaos/Cooperation/Glory Arenas.

- The number of Honour Points for the Discipline/Chaos/Cooperation Arena varies depending on the final score.

- Honour Points rewards for the Arena of Glory have been increased.

3. Spinel Medal has been added to the compensation box for the level 66 Arena of Glory.

- reward box for the 1st/2nd place will now contain (Spinel Medal).

4. Level 66 Battlefields will now give more Honour Points and (Spinel Medal)(s).

Instanced Dungeon Result Honour Points Item
Balaur Marching Route Victory 150 750 Fragmented Spinel
Defeat 30
Tie 30
Runatorium Ruins Victory 150 750 Fragmented Spinel
Defeat 30
Tie 30
Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield Victory 300 750 Fragmented Spinel
Defeat 30
Tie 30
Kamar's Battlefield Victory 150 750 Fragmented Spinel
Defeat 30
Tie 30

5. You can now gain Honour Points from killing major monsters in the Ashunatal Dredgion Instanced Dungeon.

Monster Name Honour Points
Frigate Commander Ashunatal 540
Menehune the Sprightly 300
Raima the Cruel 300

6. Content of the output messages in the Balaur Marching Route have been changed.

Changes to Instances in the Lower Abyss

1. Level of instances in the Lower Abyss has been changed.

Instanced Dungeon Before After
Sulphur Tree Nest Level 30 Level 45
Left Wing Chamber
Right Wing Chamber
Isle of Roots Treasure Chamber Level 40 Level 45
Twilight Battlefield Treasure Chamber
Gale Island Treasure Chamber
Zephyr Island Treasure Chamber
Grave of Steel Treasure Chamber

2. You can no longer access the Nochsana Training Camp from the Lower Abyss.

Other Changes

1. Esoterrace entrance in Inggison, Gelkmaros has been moved.


5.3 Dragon Lord's Resurrection


Maximum capacity of 384 people. Every Saturday at 22:00, a massive invasion starts.

Fortress · Abyss

Renewal of Fortress sieges. Fortresses in Gelkmaros/Inggisson have been removed.

Battlefield Union System

Sieges will now be handled through the Battlefield Union System. Leaders of the Battlefield Union will receive additional skills.


High Guardian/Archon Commander's Set with outstanding performance and skill enhancing abilities, has been added.

Character · Skills

Honour Points daily deduction has been removed, rank conditions for star officers have been changed.


New missions, and fortress-related PVP quests have been added.


Atreia Pass has been reorganized, the compass will now display players from the opposite race a little bit better.