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6th Asmodian Level 65 Daevanion Quest.
Can be accepted when the 5th quest, , has been completed.

■ Asmodian Level 65 Daevanion Quests

1. [Shoes]
2. [Gloves]
3. [Shoulders]
4. [Pants]
5. [Armour]
6. [Weapon]
7. [Title]

1. Talk to Skuldun

After completing , talk to Skuldun in the Temple of Oblivion.


Find Skuldun


and accept your Faith!

2. Talk to Ashman

Talk to Fachmann who will ask you to gather Materials for the Loyalty Engraving Design.


Meet Ashman once again


This time he will ask you to gather 4 materials

3. Search for the Materials for the Loyalty Engraving Design

For the Loyalty Engraving Design, you need to collect four ingredients.

Types and methods of acquiring each material are as follows.

Material Quantity How to obtain
Divine Aether 150 Can be obtained after gathering Distorted Aether in the Upper Abyss and morphing it into Divine Aether.

- Aethertapping at level 200 or higher is required

- When gathering, Aether Extractor will be consumed (Can be purchased from General Goods Merchants)

- You will receive the Morphing design when you accept the quest (2000 DP is required)

- Collecting maps can be found here: Distorted Aether

Sealed Book 10 Can be obtained from the last location of the Sealed Hall of Knowledge solo instance

- Requires Aetheric Field Fragment to enter the instance (Not tradeable)

Cursed Book 10 Can be obtained from the last location of the Cursed Argent Manor solo instance

- Requires Aetheric Field Piece to enter the instance (Tradeable)

Glorious Medal 3 Honorable Conqueror's Mark Bundle can be purchased for 40 Honorable Conqueror's Marks. Open the bundle to receive one Glorious Medal.

- Honorable Conqueror's Mark can be obtained from Offerings of Conquest in Inggison.

- Honorable Conqueror's Mark Bundle can be purchased from Kamezi in the Gelkmaros Fortress.


Combine Chaos Aether and DP to make a Power Aether


Collect <Sealed Scroll> from Sealed Hall of Knowledge


Find Cursed Scroll in Cursed Argent Manor


and purchase <Honourable Bundle of Conquest Tokens>
to get <Daeva Medal of Honour>

4. Talk to Ashman

Once you have collected all necessary materials go back to Vengar and report to Fachmann.

Fachmann will once again ask you to hunt some monsters for him.


Pass all materials to Ashman


He will ask you to hunt monsters in Akaron

5. Defend the Valpurah Plateau

Kill 60 monsters around Valpurah Plateau in Akaron.


Quest's location


All relevant monsters will be marked with the quest symbol

6. Protect the Burnt Plain

Kill 60 monsters near the Anoha Fortress in Kaldor

The difficulty of this task may vary depending on who is controlling the fortress and nearby artifacts.


Hunt monsters near the Anoha Fortress


Be more caution of the Elyos than monsters

7. Defend the Ruins of Roah

Kill 30 monsters near the Ruins of Roah.

Since this location is near Elyos' Stronghold be aware of incoming threat.


Hunt monsters around the Ruins of Roah


Elyos will not be the only ones to pose a threat

8. Eliminate the Battlefield Commanders

You will now need to kill final bosses in some level 65 battlefields.

Kill any of the following Battlefield Commanders.

Kamar's Battlefield (Governor Varga of the Occupation Squad)

Jormungand Marching Route (Captain Abrahn)

Runatorium (Kunax the Slayer)

Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield (Supreme Commander Pashid)


Kill Kunax the Slayer in Runatorium


Governor Varga in Kamar's Battlefield or any other Battlefield

9. Defeat the Instance Commanders

Your next objective is to kill 5 Instance Commanders.

Kill bosses in following instance a total of 5 times.


Tiamat's Hideout

Steel Wall Bastion


Kill 5 instance bosses


The typical target is Pashid in Steel Wall Bastion

10. Talk to Ashman

Go back to Vengar and talk to Fachmann.

11. Talk to Skuldun

Finally, report back to Skuldun to receive Daevanion Weapon.

Once completed, can be accepted.


Select your compensation


Reword for your next quest is going to be the Daevanion Title

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