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Daevanion Quest
Level 999 / Recommended 999
Number of Repeats:
  1. Talk with Kamfina.

  2. Obtain Marchutan's Pattern of Tenacity and report back to Kamfina.

  3. Talk with Kamfina.

  4. Report to Skuldun.

  5. Summary:
    Agent Skuldun sent you to talk with Kamfina and craft a piece of Daevanion gear.


2nd Asmodian Level 65 Daevanion Quest.
Can be accepted when the 1st quest, , has been completed.

■ Asmodian Level 65 Daevanion Quests

1. [Shoes]
2. [Gloves]
3. [Shoulders]
4. [Pants]
5. [Armour]
6. [Weapon]
7. [Title]

1. Talk to Skuldun

After completing , talk to Skuldun in the Temple of Oblivion.


Find Skuldun


and start the quest for the Daevanion Gloves

2. Talk to Ampina

Talk to Kamfina who is standing next to Skuldun.

She will ask you to obtain a Courage Engraving Design.


Talk to Ampina


She will ask you to collect Courage Engraving Designs

3. Obtain 70 Courage Engraving Designs

Courage Engraving Designs can be obtained from 3 different sub-quests.

Each quest can be accepted from Masine and will ask you to hunt different monsters.

Each quest is about killing certain monsters and has to be performed differently. Depending on your play style, repeat selected quest enough times. The most efficient way is to group up and perform the quest.

■ Sub-Quests

Quest Name Progress Details Remarks
Hunt 20 monsters in Vengar, Akaron and Kaldor Solo-able
Hunt 30 Elite Balaurs in Gelkmaros Fastest way if you go with a Group
Kill 10 Elite Chaos Monsters in Signia when a Chaos Rift opens Only doable when a Chaos Rift to Signia opens


You can receive 3 different sub-quests from Masine


You can choose which one you would like to perform

4. Talk to Ampina

Once you have collected all necessary materials go back to Vengar and report to Kamfina.


Go back to Vengar


and report back to Ampina

5. Report to Skuldun

Finally, report back to Skuldun to receive Daevanion Gloves.

Once completed, can be accepted.


Select your compensation


Reward for your next quest is going to be Daevanion Shouldrs

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