KR - Update March 15th 2017

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1. A summoned minion will now give better stats.

Minion Stage Before After


4 1,500 HP 3,000 HP
3 850 HP 1,700 HP
2 440 HP 880 HP
1 161 HP 322 HP

2. Skill effects of some Minions have been upgraded.

Minion New Skill Effect
Sita Increased PvE/PVP damage
Grendal Increased PvE/PVP damage
Tear Space

Increases resistance to Silence, Bind, Sleep, Fear, Paralyse, Shock by 700 for 8s.

Speed/Flight Speed increases.

Enhanced Tear Space

Resistance to all conditions increases by 1,000. Speed/Flight Speed increases.

3. The cost of Minion Growth has been lowered.

Grade Before After
A 1,800,000 Kinah 500,000 Kinah
B 1,000,000 Kinah 300,000 Kinah
C 500,000 Kinah 100,000 Kinah

4. Probability of receiving Grade C and higher Minions from Greater Minion Contract/Major Minion Contract has been increased.

5. The number of Minionite you can acquire from Esterra/Nosra invasions has been increased.

6. Character's skill enhancements will no longer affect Minion skills.

7. Siren Minion's appearance has been fixed.

8. Issue that was causing Minion functions to turn off after dismount has been fixed.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Progression of the Neviwind Canyon battlefield has been changed.

- Conditions under which boss monsters appear have been changed.

Boss Conditions Changes
Corrupt Bagatur Appears 8min after start

Appears every 8min after being killed

Reward items removed & PVP attack buff
Furtive Kaisan Appears when there is more than 37 people

Appears every 3min after being killed

Increases Battlefield Points

- Abilities of the monsters placed inside the instance have been lowered.

- Based on the number of occupied Artifacts, Mahot/Daglon will now give different number of points.

- The maximum number of points you can achieve has been changed to 8,000.

- Some merchant NPCs at the starting points have been either removed or changed.

- You will now acquire more Battle Mark and Abyss Points.

2. Score conditions in the 3rd round of 'Chaos Arena/Training', 'Glory Arena/Training' have been changed.

- In the 3rd round, when the top player dies, only 50% of the normal point deduction will be deduced.

Dungeon Changed to
Chaos Arena/Training 1st, 2nd place - 50% deduction
Glory Arena/Training 1st place - 50% deduction

- The number of points from killing opponents in the 3rd round of 'Chaos Arena/Training' has been increased 3 times, in the 'Glory Arena/Training' 4 times.

- Markers over top players in the 3rd round have been removed.

3. App Center can no longer be used in the Arena/Training.

4. [Manage friends – Search] ca no longer be used in the Arena/Training.

5. Certain races/server could no compete in the Tower of Challenge ranking challenge. This issue has been fixed.

6. Awkward system messages will no longer be displayed in the Tower of Challenge.

7. When acquiring an item in the Tower of Challenge, a system message will now be displayed.

8. Victor's Golden Wing Feather have been added as a Tower of Challenge's seasonal reward for the top player of each class.

9. Hideous Cold will now trigger immediately after leaving the Narakkalli dungeon.


1. UI related to Arena/Training battlefields has been changed.

- All characters will now be displayed as 'Trainee?' in the Chaos Arena/Training, Glory Arena/Training's 'Rank Information', 'In-Progress Results' windows.

- Chaos Arena/Training, Glory Arena/Training's In-Progress Results will be sorted by position and will no longer display class icons.









- System messages related to Godstones in the Arena/Training have been changed.

- Minion's and Pets will no longer be called "Trainee's Pet" in the Arena of Discipline.

2. 'Show Rank' button has been added to the compensation window in the Golden Crucible, Golden Party Crucible and Arena of Discipline.

3. Some phrases that appear in the item's tooltip when you click on a link in the chat have been changed.


1. Mighty Supplements (Fabled, Eternal) crafting designs have been added.

- Elyos: Sanctum/Oriel Alchemy Merchant.

- Asmodian: Pandaemonium/Pernon Alchemy Merchant.

2. Mighty Supplements (Mythical) designs for Magical Crafting have been added.

3. You can now change the appearance of Bygone Atreia Weapons.

4. When using a Manastone on an item that can not be socketed would still open the Modify/Boost window. This issue has been fixed.

5. Rewards for the Sky Island content have been changed.

6. Fledgling Daeva's Harp's Casting Speed has been fixed.

7. The issue with the Golden Star being consumed even when no additional XP has been received due to level limitations has been fixed.


1. Middle/Greater Daeva Invasion: Sky Insland content has been changed.

- Middle Daeva Invasion over Esterra/Nosra takes place every hour from 12:00 till 1:00 the next day.

- Greater Daeva Invasion takes place on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) at 19:00 and no Middle Daeva Invasion will occur at that time.

Day Invasion Ship Corridor



- Invasion of an Elyos Battleship






Invasion of an Asmodian Battleship



※ Killing special monsters in Esterra/Nosra will no longer trigger Middle/Greater Invasion.

2. By changing the battle pattern of Lady Karemiwen Adma in the Adma Ruins dungeon, the difficulty has been lowered.


1. A daily quest rewarding players with Grade A Minium has been added to Esterra/Nosra.

Race NPC Quest
Elyos Leona
Asmodian Arund

2. The number of Neviwind Canyon quests and acquisition levels have been changed.

3. Daeva Quests from the existing Great Invasion have been removed, and new quests have been added.

4. Characters belowe level 45 will no longer have issues proceeding with the quest.


1. The additional entry to the Rift of Oblivion from the level 5 Stronghold will now reset at 12:00 every day.


1. Occupying Legion's name will no longer be displayed in the UI of Kaldor/Abyss fortresses.


1. Tower of Challenge's terrain has been changed.

2. The terrain in the Abyss has been changed.


1. New Shugo Workshop buffs have been added. Existing buffs have been improved.

5.6 Immortal: Flower of Ice
Dungeons Battlefields:

Golden Crucible (Group Battles)


Tower of Challenge


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