KR - Update June 28th 2017

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Instanced Dungeon

1. ‘Hell Pass’ (event dungeon) has been modified and improved.

- The HP of ‘Soul Sucking Ginseng’ from the 1st wave has been lowered.

- Contaminated zone summoned by ‘Voodoo Revived Body’ will now appear around the target.

- ‘Guardian of Strenght’ will no longer give XP.

- ‘Life Crashing’ skill can now be used on a target.

- ‘Life Crashing’ skill will now deal damage to targets around the target instead of nearby targets.

- The message about the bleeding effect of the ‘Enhanced Blow’ skill has been fixed.

- Fixed an issue where after targeting a monster, ‘Powerful life of Daeva Transformation Rights’ is consumed.

- Fixed an issue where using the ‘Powerful life of Daeva Transformation Rights’ would restore your HP.

- ‘Powerful life of Daeva Transformation Rights’ can now be used as many times as you want.

- When a monster in ‘Life Shield’ state is attacked, a wrong message would be displayed. This issue has been fixed.

- The statue will no longer disappear after turning into a ‘Powerful Daeva Transformation V’ through conversation.

2. The number of entries to the ‘Golden Crucible (Group Battles)’ has been changed.

Changes Before After
Entries 4 2
Entry Time Weekends from 18:00 ~ 1:00 the following day Weekend from 19:00 ~ till 22:00

3. Because the deduction of to the ‘Golden Crucible (Group Battles)’, the number of Season Points required for each rank has been lowered.


1. Fixed an issue where some the recommended shapes are not applied when creating a female Elyos character.


1. Fixed an issue where it was impossible to restore some items created through event evolution window.


5.6 Immortal: Flower of Ice
Dungeons Battlefields:

Golden Crucible (Group Battles)


Tower of Challenge


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