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Weapons / Shields

Name Attack Accuracy Magical Acc Phys/Mag
Secondary Attributes

Longsword of Protection46 - 56419419592Physical Attack +51

Mace of Protection43 - 65419419592Magic Attack +51

Dagger of Protection41 - 46419419592Physical Attack +51

Orb of Protection72 - 88419419592Magic Attack +51

Protection Spellbook62 - 69419419592Magic Attack +51

Greatsword of Protection119 - 125419419592Physical Attack +51

Polearm of Protection93 - 173419419592Physical Attack +51

Staff of Protection76 - 114419419592Physical Attack +51

Bow of Protection89 - 121419419592Physical Attack +51

Aether Revolver of Protection62 - 69419419592Magic Attack +51

Aether Cannon of Protection76 - 128419419592Magic Attack +51

Stringed Instrument of Protection83 - 92419419592Magic Attack +51

Aether Key of Protection86 - 89419419592Magic Attack +51

Name Block Damage Reduction Phys Def
Mag Def
Secondary Attributes

Battle Shield of Protection41920%42
HP +249

Scale Shield of Protection41920%21
HP +249


Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Cloth Bandana of Protection392104121Physical Defence +39

Tunic of Protection392104121Physical Defence +39

Cloth Breeches of Protection33389104Physical Defence +28

Cloth Shoulderpads of Protection2387588Physical Defence +19

Cloth Gloves of Protection2387588Physical Defence +19

Cloth Shoes of Protection2387588Physical Defence +19


Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Leather Hat of Protection392111114Physical Defence +39

Leather Doublet of Protection392111114Physical Defence +39

Leather Legwear of Protection3339598Physical Defence +28

Shoulder Straps of Protection2388083Physical Defence +19

Vambraces of Protection2388083Physical Defence +19

Leather Shoes of Protection2388083Physical Defence +19

Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Leather Headwear of Protection392107118Physical Defence +39

Jerkin of Protection392107118Physical Defence +39

Breeches of Protection33392101Physical Defence +28

Leather Epaulettes of Protection2387885Physical Defence +19

Leather Gauntlets of Protection2387885Physical Defence +19

Leather Footwear of Protection2387885Physical Defence +19


Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Chain Helm of Protection392118107Physical Defence +39

Chain Cuirass of Protection392118107Physical Defence +39

Chausses of Protection33310192Physical Defence +28

Spaulders of Protection2388578Physical Defence +19

Chain Gauntlets of Protection2388578Physical Defence +19

Brogans of Protection2388578Physical Defence +19

Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Chain Hood of Protection392114111Physical Defence +39

Hauberk of Protection392114111Physical Defence +39

Chain Breeches of Protection3339895Physical Defence +28

Chain Shoulderplates of Protection2388380Physical Defence +19

Chain Protective Gloves of Protection2388380Physical Defence +19

Chain Gaiters of Protection2388380Physical Defence +19


Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Plate Helm of Protection392121104Physical Defence +39

Breastplate of Protection392121104Physical Defence +39

Plate Greaves of Protection33310489Physical Defence +28

Shoulderplates of Protection2388875Physical Defence +19

Plate Gauntlets of Protection2388875Physical Defence +19

Sabatons of Protection2388875Physical Defence +19


6.0 Update - REFLY
Quests Elyos:

Legion Tasks


Legion Tasks

Dungeons Prometun's Workshop
General Items Currency:
Gold Ingots


Genesis Crystal

Life Protectorate Insignia

Wise Protectorate Insignia

New items PVP A:

Ancient Brave Fighter's Set
Legendary Dancing Red Flame Set
Ultimate Dancing Red Flame Set

Ancient Courageous Fighter's Set
Legendary Dancing Ember Set
Ultimate Dancing Ember Set

Ancient Steadfast Protector's Set
Ancient Garden Set
Ancient Misty Set
Ancient Black Abyss Set
Legendary Cold Blue Flame Set
Legendary Black Flame Set
Ultimate Cold Blue Flame Set

Legendary Anomos Set
Ultimate Anomos Set (Extendable)

PVE Craft:

Ancient Rubrum Set
    Ancient Noble Rubrum Set
Legendary Rubrum Set
    Legendary Noble Rubrum Set
Ultimate Rubrum Set
    Ultimate Noble Rubrum Set

PVP Craft:
Ancient Aerot Set
    Ancient Noble Aerot Set
Legendary Aerot Set
    Legendary Noble Aerot Set
Ultimate Aerot Set
    Ultimate Noble Aerot Set

Gear Exchange PVE:

Ancient Daeva Protector Set
Legendary Daeva Protector Set
Ultimate Daeva Protector Set


Ancient Daeva Fighter Set
Legendary Daeva Fighter Set
Ultimate Daeva Fighter Set

System Daevanion Skills

Shukiruk Smugglers

Equipment Upgrade System

Enchanting Rates

Additional Updates KR - Update January 24th 2018

KR - Update January 31st 2018

KR - Update February 7th 2018

KR - Update February 21st 2018

Next Update:
6.2 Update

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