5.8 Update - Instanced Dungeons

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Holy Tower

1. Holy Tower instanced dungeon has been added.

With the Divine Fortress as the central point, the Brigade General Nergal guards the symbol of the Ereshkigal Legion and the tower that ensures his strength.

Elyos and Asmodians who heard of Ereshkigal’s resurrection had to fight long and hard along the path to the core. They realized that Ereshkigal’s dark influence is so strong in this region that not flying nor further forward march would be possible.

- Entrance is located in the Upper Abyss at each race's landing (Elyos: Magos/Asmodian: Tokanu).

Players Level Reset Entries
6 66 Wed 9:00 4


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Mirash Refuge

1. Mirash Refuge, a fortress reward dungeon, has been added.

Elyos and Asmodians were able to take the Divine Fortress and then found out that the once-thought-dead Oris was guarding the Fortress as Brigade General. Whilst they investigated this mystery, they discovered a secret area within the Fortress. Elyos and Asmodians discovered that the ancient Fallusha had resurrected dead minions through summoning rituals. They need to stop the ritual, to prevent Ereshkigal’s influence from spreading further.

- The race that occupies the Divine Fortress can enter this dungeon through the entrance inside the fortress.

- The other race can enter the Mirash Refuge through a hidden entrance located near the fortress.

Players Level Reset Entries
1 66 Wed 9:00 4


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Opportunity Rift of Oblivion

1. A PCroom-only instance, Opportunity Rift of Oblivion, that can be accessed at any given time has been added.

- Talk to a Shugo standing next to the Rift of Oblivion entrance to access the dungeon.

- Commanders inside the dungeon will give 50% more XP compared to the same Commanders inside the normal Rift of Oblivion.

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Other Changes

1. The difficulty of the Museum of Knowledge has been lowered.

- Ganesh's reflect damge has been lowered.

- Boliag's HP has been greatly reduced.

- HP of Ramphis that appear during the fight with Boliag has been greatly reduced.

- Heart of Boliag's HP has been reduced.

2. Padmarashka's Cave can now be accessed by 12 players instead of 48.

- Abilities of the monsters inside have been lowered due to the change of max. players.

3. Instances in Upper Abyss fortresses can no longer be accessed.

Closed Instances
Krotan War Fortress Hidden Krotan War Fortress
Miren War Fortress Hidden Miren War Fortress
Kysis War Fortress Hidden Kysis War Fortress

4. Pandaemonium Battlefield and Sanctum Battlefield are no longer available.

8. Titles of some monsters placed inside the Tower of Challenge have been removed.

9. When you enter the Tower of Challenge, all your previously applied buffs will be removed.

10. Tower of Challenge's season will take about a month to reset after it ends on July 12th.

- The Tower of Challenge will work normally. Your records will not be reflected during the off-season.

- You will be notified in advance before the next season starts.

5.8 Land of Battle


Divine Fortress opened and new fortress features added.


Group instance Holy Tower, Solo instance Mirash Refuge, and PCroom-only Rift of Oblivion have been added. Some instances disabled.


Divine Soul Healing added. Magic Boost cap increased.


5 new Minions added. Difficulty of Minion growth lowered and growth effects insreased.


New and Spinel Coin quests added.


New Abyss and Spinel Coin items added. New Magical Crafting items added.


Monster map and chat UI improved. Atreia Pass changed including a PCroom-only version.


PCroom benefits increased, skill tooltips improved.