5.8 Update - Items

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Spinel Coin Items

1. Spinel Coin as well as equipment that can be purchased using these coins have been added.

- Spinel Coin NPCs are located in Esterra/Nosra.


Esterra – Ariel's Refuge


Nosra – Azphel's Temple

New Abyss Items

1. New High Daeva Abyss weapons, armours and accessories have been added.

- Elite Legionary and High Praetor items can be evolved into the new Abyss items.

- New High Daeva Abyss items can be obtained through Equipment Evolution, relevant NPCs are located in Esterra/Nosra.


- The enchanting level of the weapons and armours will be reduced by 5. In the case of accessories, the upgrade level will be reduced by 5.

- Evolution materials can be obtained during Abyss Core sieges, inside the Holy Tower and from some quests.

Magical Crafting

1. New equipment that can be crafted with Magical Crafting has been added.

2. New items can now be crafted with Magical Crafting.

3. Requirements for some Magical Crafting designs have been lowered.

- The number of materials for some designs has been lowered.

- The cooldown on Dimensional Stones and Diognites has been lowered.

- Some pet designs will now be obtained automatically.

- The chance to produce a better version of an item for some designs has been increased.

Other Changes

1. Stats of some Holy Apollon/Ancient Parsha have been changed.

- Harvester's Mace/Apollon's Mace will now give Healing Boost.

- Armour parts will now give more Healing Boost.

2. High Daeva Skill Skins have been added.

- The new Skill Skins will work for both, regular skill, and High Daeva Skill.

- For characters that had a Skill Skin before the update, the new High Daeva Skill Skin will appear automatically after the update.

3. Atreia Pass rewards have been changed.

4. A warning message will now appear when straightening an item and during the process, you run out of supplements warning about the additional costs.

5. Some materials will now drop more frequently from monsters.

6. Store lists for some equipment have been changed.

5.8 Land of Battle


Divine Fortress opened and new fortress features added.


Group instance Holy Tower, Solo instance Mirash Refuge, and PCroom-only Rift of Oblivion have been added. Some instances disabled.


Divine Soul Healing added. Magic Boost cap increased.


5 new Minions added. Difficulty of Minion growth lowered and growth effects insreased.


New and Spinel Coin quests added.


New Abyss and Spinel Coin items added. New Magical Crafting items added.


Monster map and chat UI improved. Atreia Pass changed including a PCroom-only version.


PCroom benefits increased, skill tooltips improved.