5.8 Update - Abyss

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Divine Fortress

1. The Divine Fortress, which has been sealed for a while now, is now accessible once again.

마나카르나에서 에레슈키갈이 사라진 이후 마법의 얼음으로 봉인되어 있었다. 사크라페스를 취한 에레슈키갈이 부활하자 신성의 요새를 중심으로 환경이 변화된다. 천마는 마법의 얼음 봉인을 깰 무기를 준비해 함대를 이끌고 신성의 요새로 진격해 소멸했던 오릿사가 요새를 수호하고 있다는 사실을 알게 된다.


- Divine Fortress is located deep inside Reshanta.

- The deepest parts for Reshanta can be accessed through the regular flight in the center (below the 56th Garrison - Hellfire Array Artefact).

- You can join the battlefield as you do right now.

- You can acquire Equipment evolution materials and well as Spinel Medals/Shattered Spinel as rewards for the siege.

· However, the type of rewards and numbers may vary depending on the siege outcome (success/failure).

- Divine Fortress siege starts every Saturday at 22:00. (Different time on each server)

- A gathering place has been added at the entrance to the Core. (Elyos: Redeemer's Wing Advance / Asmodian: Omen's Herald Advance)

- Battlefield Kisks can only be placed at the gathering places inside the Core.

- Once the fortress siege starts, you will not be able to fly in the nearby area.

· A special no-flight effect will be displayed. Even when the flight is restricted, you can still glide.

- When Elyos/Asmodians capture the Divine Fortress, a number of Orrisa troops will rush back into the fortress. They give XP, AP and Honour Points when killed.

· However, once the siege is over, everyone besides the victorious Battlefield Union will be forced out of the region and won't be able to come back for a period of time.

- If you hold a fortress in the Upper Abyss that is marked, you will be able to destroy the gates of the Divine Fortress much faster.


- Occupying 5 artefacts inside the fortress will allow you to deal with the gates much faster.

- Friendly NPCs will appear to help you take down the gates and artefacts inside the fortress.

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Fortress Improvements

1. The way siege rewards are distributed has been improved.

- If a character didn't acquire any Abyss Points, but the Union he joined has a record of obtaining Abyss Points, the rewards will be distributed.

- However, the character must be near the fortress.

Before After
Join the Battlefield Union

Acquire Abyss Points

Joni the Battlefield Union that has acquired Abyss Points

2. The way Raging Fortress monsters appear in Reshanta has been changed.

Before After
Occupy a fortress 2 times Randomly determined

After every occupation

3. The HP of Guardians and summoned monsters in the Upper Abyss has been lowered.

4. Sieges will now last 55min instead of 60min.

5. The number of NPCs protecting Upper Abyss Fortresses during sieges has been reduced.

6. The occupation limit has been removed from the fortress tooltip.

7. A notification message will now appear in the centre of the screen when you lose/conquer a fortress.

8. Weaker Faction benefits have been changed.

9. The number of points that can be acquired for killing a fortress guardian has been changed.

10. Abyss fortresses have been reset back to Balaur in order to reset the cumulative number of occupations.

11. Retention time and cooldown of the ‘Incantation: Battlefield Kisk’ skill has been changed.

5.8 Land of Battle


Divine Fortress opened and new fortress features added.


Group instance Holy Tower, Solo instance Mirash Refuge, and PCroom-only Rift of Oblivion have been added. Some instances disabled.


Divine Soul Healing added. Magic Boost cap increased.


5 new Minions added. Difficulty of Minion growth lowered and growth effects insreased.


New and Spinel Coin quests added.


New Abyss and Spinel Coin items added. New Magical Crafting items added.


Monster map and chat UI improved. Atreia Pass changed including a PCroom-only version.


PCroom benefits increased, skill tooltips improved.