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Weapons / Shields

Name Attack Accuracy Magical Acc Phys/Mag
Secondary Attributes

Nocturne's Sword38 - 46341341480Physical Attack +41

Nocturne's Mace36 - 54341341480Magic Attack +41

Nocturne's Dagger34 - 38341341480Physical Attack +41

Nocturne's Orb60 - 73341341480Magic Attack +41

Nocturne's Spellbook51 - 57341341480Magic Attack +41

Nocturne's Greatsword99 - 104341341480Physical Attack +41

Nocturne's Polearm77 - 143341341480Physical Attack +41

Nocturne's Staff63 - 94341341480Physical Attack +41

Nocturne's Bow74 - 100341341480Physical Attack +41

Nocturne's Pistol51 - 57341341480Magic Attack +41

Nocturne's Aethercannon63 - 106341341480Magic Attack +41

Nocturne's Harp69 - 76341341480Magic Attack +41

Nocturne's Cipher-Blade71 - 74341341480Magic Attack +41

Name Block Damage Reduction Phys Def
Mag Def
Secondary Attributes

Nocturne's Battle Shield34120%34
HP +200

Nocturne's Scale Shield34120%17
HP +200


Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Nocturne's Bandana3158498Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Tunic3158498Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Leggings2687284Physical Def +23

Nocturne's Pauldrons1916171Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Gloves1916171Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Shoes1916171Physical Def +16


Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Nocturne's Hat3159093Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Jerkin3159093Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Breeches2687780Physical Def +23

Nocturne's Shoulderguards1916567Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Vambrace1916567Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Boots1916567Physical Def +16

Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Nocturne's Mystic Hat3158795Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Mystic Jerkin3158795Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Mystic Breeches2687582Physical Def +23

Nocturne's Mystic Shoulderguards1916369Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Mystic Vambrace1916369Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Mystic Boots1916369Physical Def +16


Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Nocturne's Chain Helm3159587Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Hauberk3159587Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Chausses2688275Physical Def +23

Nocturne's Spaulders1916963Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Handguards1916963Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Brogans1916963Physical Def +16

Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Nocturne's Mystic Chain Helm3159390Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Mystic Hauberk3159390Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Mystic Chausses2688077Physical Def +23

Nocturne's Mystic Spaulders1916765Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Mystic Handguards1916765Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Mystic Brogans1916765Physical Def +16


Name HP Physical Defence Magical Defence Secondary Attributes

Nocturne's Helm3159884Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Breastplate3159884Physical Def +32

Nocturne's Greaves2688472Physical Def +23

Nocturne's Shoulderplates1917161Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Gauntlets1917161Physical Def +16

Nocturne's Sabatons1917161Physical Def +16


6.0 Update - REFLY
Quests Elyos:

Legion Tasks


Legion Tasks

Dungeons Prometun's Workshop
General Items Currency:
Gold Ingot


Genesis Crystal

Mark of Protection

Mark of Wisdom

New items PVP A:

Ancient Brave Fighter's Set
Legendary Dancing Red Flame Set
Ultimate Dancing Red Flame Set

Ancient Courageous Fighter's Set
Legendary Dancing Ember Set
Ultimate Dancing Ember Set

Ancient Steadfast Protector's Set
Ancient Garden Set
Ancient Misty Set
Ancient Black Abyss Set
Legendary Cold Blue Flame Set
Legendary Black Flame Set
Ultimate Cold Blue Flame Set

Legendary Anomos Set
Ultimate Anomos Set (Extendable)

PVE Craft:

Ancient Rubrum Set
    Ancient Noble Rubrum Set
Legendary Rubrum Set
    Legendary Noble Rubrum Set
Ultimate Rubrum Set
    Ultimate Noble Rubrum Set

PVP Craft:
Ancient Aerot Set
    Ancient Noble Aerot Set
Legendary Aerot Set
    Legendary Noble Aerot Set
Ultimate Aerot Set
    Ultimate Noble Aerot Set

Gear Exchange PVE:

Ancient Daeva Protector Set
Legendary Daeva Protector Set
Ultimate Daeva Protector Set


Ancient Daeva Fighter Set
Legendary Daeva Fighter Set
Ultimate Daeva Fighter Set

System Daevanion Skills

Shukiruk Smugglers

Equipment Upgrade System

Enchanting Rates

Additional Updates KR - Update January 24th 2018

KR - Update January 31st 2018

KR - Update February 7th 2018

KR - Update February 21st 2018

Next Update:
6.2 Update