6.0 Update - Instanced Dungeon

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1. When you exhaust all available instance entries, you can now use Quna to buy more entries. Additional Entries Details can be viewed in the Instance Dungeon Information Window.


2. Compensation for the Tower of Challenge has been changed.

- The number of floors has been changed from 40 to 24.

- The time limit applies from the 1st floor.

  • Enter the dungeon, open the doors next to the NPC, and the 20min timer will start.

- After killing all mobs on each floor, you will receive Challenger’s Coins. They can be used to purchase items from an NPC in front of the entrance.

- Admission settings have been changed to level 76+, 1 entry a week.

3. Quna Cheer dungeon buffs have been added.

- You can decide to use it when entering a dungeon.

4. You will now obtain competition points in the Arena of Cooperation.

5. Arena/Battlefield schedule has been changed.

Dungeon Level Entries Entry Time
Arena of Discipline 76+ 10/week 20:00 ~ 02:00(Every day)
Arena of Cooperation 76+ 10/week 20:00 ~ 02:00(Every day)
Ashunatal Dredgion 76+ 1/day 12:00 ~ 14:00(Mon, Thurs, Sun)

20:00 ~ 02:00(Mon, Thurs, Sun)

Runatorium 76+ 1/day 12:00 ~ 14:00(Tues, Fri, Sun)

20:00 ~ 02:00(Tues, Fri, Sun)

Neviwind Canyon 76+ 1/day 12:00 ~ 14:00(Wed, Sat, Sun)

20:00 ~ 02:00(Wed, Sat, Sun)

6. Level, Entrance, number of players and how to proceed for has been changed for some instances.

Dungeon Level Players Entrance
Tiamat's Hideout 57 1 Signia/Vengar
Makarna 66 1 Signia/Vengar
Makarna of Bitterness 80 12 Lakrum
Garden of Knowledge 78 3 Lakrum
Holy Tower 80 6 Lakrum
Mirash Refuge 76 1 Lakrum

6.0 - REFLY
60 table3.png


New land, Lakrum, where Ereshkigal is hiding after her failed atempt to destroy Atreia.
60 table2.png


Prometun's Workshop, Makarna of Bitterness and Draupnir Fortress.
60 table1.png


New Fortress. Changes to the Contribution system. Battle League removed.
60 table4.png


Changes to the Character's abilities.
60 table5.png


Removed, changed and improved skills. New Daevanion Skills.
60 table6.png


New transformation systems. Crafting profession removed.
60 table7.png


New currencies. Changes to the old items.
60 table8.png


New UIs to make your life easier.
60 table9.png


New quests and organizations.
60 table12.png


Other changes.