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1. Transformation System has been added.

- When transformed you can use a special appearance and powerful abilities.

- In order to transform, you must acquire a transformation Card from a Transformation Contract.

Types of Transformation Cards by grade

Grade Transformation Card
Normal Polarbear, Skeleotn, Pink Tiger, Pirate, Lepharists, Graveknight, Kobold, Tiger, Yellow Tiger, Yrllow Inquin, Purple Inquin, Red Inquin, Orange Inquin, Black Inquin, Green Inquin, Drake, Gentle Shugo, Super Panda
High Wyvern, Shugo, Super Shugo, Luna Patrol, Clown, Skeleton Warrior, Doberman, Can, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Mau, Test Subject, Krall, Rabbit
Ancient Mongsil, Desert Fox, Tahabata, Tarha Fighter, Blackmane Fighter, Kitten, Popoku, Aquan, Tiamat Drakan, Beritra Drakan, Ereshkigal Drakan
Legendary Hamerun, Bollvig, Kromede, Tahabata, Mastarius, Herenas, Sita
Ultimate Kaisinel

To use a transformation card, you will need Transformation Scroll or Transparent Transformation Scroll that can be purchased from the Golden Sand Shop.

- If you have 2~6 Transformation Cards, you can acquire a new one.

- You can not fail to combine the Transformation Cards. If you use 4~6 cards, you will get a card of a higher grade.


- Ultimate Cards can only be obtained by combining other cards.

- Apart from Transformation Card, you can also obtain one time potions by killing monsters.

2. Manstone expansion system has been added.

- New items have 0~3 Manastone slots depending on the level.

- Manastone slots must be expended to 3. necessary item can be purchased from the Gold Send Shop or from item extraction.


3. The gathering/Crafting systems have been changed as follows.

- Gathering and Aether Extraction skills have been removed.

- 'Essencetapping', 'Morphing’ have been changed as follows.

  • Essencetapping Master can be achieved with Kinah instead of a quest.
  • Inina/Aria/iron formulas have been removed from Morphing.
  • All but existing Morphing formulas have been removed.

- Magical Crafting can now be learned at level 76 instead of 66.

  • Magical crafting learned before the update will remain at the same level.
  • New Level 80 items can now be crafted through Magical crafting

- Production Skills (Alchemy, Weaponsmithing, Armoursmithing, Tailoring, Handicrafting, Cooking, Construction) and Magical Morph have been removed

- Crafting related quests and related items have been removed.

4. Boost/Modify System has been reorganized.

- When you register an item in the Boost/Modify, the available option is activated.

- PVP and PVE types have been added the item enchantment tab.

  • New items can only be enchanted with new Enchantment Stones.
  • If the grade of the stone is lower than of the item, the chance is lower.

- You can obtain Manastone Slot Expanders by extracting items, extracting PVP items will require AP.

- Enchantment Stones can no longer be extracted from items.

Upgrade system has been added.

- Provide an NPC with upgraded items and necessary materials and it will give you an upgraded version.

- Equipment Upgrades are located in Lakrum’s main city and bases.

6. Systems that can no longer be used have been removed.

- Monster Book system has been removed.

- High Daeva systems have been removed (Creativity, Estima)

- Evolution System removed.

- Legion Territories have been removed.

- Magical morphing has been removed.

6.0 - REFLY
60 table3.png


New land, Lakrum, where Ereshkigal is hiding after her failed atempt to destroy Atreia.
60 table2.png


Prometun's Workshop, Makarna of Bitterness and Draupnir Fortress.
60 table1.png


New Fortress. Changes to the Contribution system. Battle League removed.
60 table4.png


Changes to the Character's abilities.
60 table5.png


Removed, changed and improved skills. New Daevanion Skills.
60 table6.png


New transformation systems. Crafting profession removed.
60 table7.png


New currencies. Changes to the old items.
60 table8.png


New UIs to make your life easier.
60 table9.png


New quests and organizations.
60 table12.png


Other changes.