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Level 65 Daevanion

1. Level 65 campaigning quests have been added.
- Quests show Beritra's story.

- Finish Elyos quest or Asmoidna to proceed with the campaign.

Elyos Asmodian

2. Level 65 Daevaion quests and items have been added.

- Finish for Elyos, for Asmodians first to proceed with the Daevanion quest chain.
Race Quest Name Staring NPC
Elyos Signia 지역
<카이시넬 제 4 대행자>
Asmodian Vengar 지역
<마르쿠탄 제 4 대행자>

※ Each quest need to be finished to proceed to the next one, when you complete the quest you can repet it as many times as you want.

- Reward items are as follows.

Race Items
Elyos Kaisinel's Protector Armor
Kaisinel's Protector Weapon
Asmodian Marchutan's Protector Armor
Marchutan's Protector Weapon

Abyss Quest Changes

1. New Upper Abyss quests have bee added
- New mission can be acquired when character is level 65 and moves to the Abyss.

Race Quest Name Level Start
Asmodian 65 Moving to the Abyss Area

- weekly quests giving Ancient Coins have been added.
- Blood Marks and Blood Medal can be acquired from quests around Upper Abyss Garrisons.

2. Abyss quests have been added to guide you to the new base area.

Race Name Start
Elyos Atmis
Asmodian Haldor

3. Quests to kill summoned monsters in the Upper Abyss have been added.
- Quest will be acquired when the Brigade General is in possession of Krotan Spirit Pendant/Miren Spirit Pendant/Kysis Spirit Pendant.
- They will be paid as a Legion rewards after capturing Krotan/Miren/Kysis Fortresses in the Upper Abyss.

Race Quest Starting NPC
Elyos Moirai
Asmodian Hildebrant

4. New quests have been added to the Lower Abyss.

Race Quest Starting NPC
Elyos Michalis
Asmodian Votan

5. New daily quests have been added to the Lower Abyss in the Archipelago of the Hurricane.
- Key and daily quests can be acquired from NPCs in the main Elyos/Asmodian stronghold.

Race Quest Level Start
Elyos 45 Teminon Fortress
Asmodian 45 Primum Fortress

6. Rewards for fortress quests in the Upper Abyss have been changed.
- Existing Abyss Points rewards have been changed to Shattered Ceranium.

Race Area Quest
Elyos Krotan Refuge
Kysis Fortress
Miren Fortress
Asmodian Krotan Refuge
Kysis Fortress
Miren Fortress

7. Depending on the Abyss region some quests have been removed.

Other Quest Changes

1. Because of the way you acquire Manastones now, all Manastone exchange quests are no longer available.

2. Quest icon for the warehouse expansion quest will only be visible to crafting experts.
- Elyos : A Bigger Warehouse / Asmodian : An Expert's Reward

3. Fixed typos in some quests.


Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 2 - Typhoon Abyss Update


Garrisons have been added to the Upper Abyss, Archipelago of the Hurricane region has been added to the Lower Abyss.
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Instanced Dungeons

Level 40-50 Abyss instances have been moved to the Lower Abyss.
Monsters and rewards in the Level 65 Upper Abyss instances have been changed.

NPC · Monsters

Upper Abyss monsters are now level 65, new boss monsters have been introduced.


Level 65 Daevanion has been added, new Battle Insignias and PVP items have been added.


Inventory expansion has been simplified, profile UI has been adjusted.


some fortresses no longer become vulnerable.
Ereshkigal's Legion is advancing to the Abyss, Lower Abyss Fortresses are not level 50.


Level 65 Daevanion quests have been added, various new quests in the Abyss have been implemented.


Other changes.