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New Items

1. New equipment and supplement items purchasable with Battle Medals and Blood Medal have been added.
- Items can be purchased from 마고스/토스카눔에서 in the Upper Abyss.

- Blood Medal can be obtained from quests, dungeons and from occupying fortresses in the Upper Abyss.

- Existing Battle Medal items can now be evolved into items purchasable with Battle Medals and Blood Medal


2. New Composite Manastone have been added.
- Can be obtained from new field bosses and Fortress instances in the Upper Abyss.

3. Level 65 Daevanion items have been added.
- Each piece can be obtained from a different quest.
· Elyos: Kaisinel's Protector Set | Evolved Kaisinel's Protector Set
· Asmodian: Marchutan's Protector Set | Evolved Marchutan's Protector Set

4. New Master designs have been added.
- With the new designs 'Divine Sauro items' can be manufactured.
- Designs can be purchased from new NPCs located in each workshop in your main city.

New Way of Obtaining Manastones

1. Instead of Common/Rare Manstones, monsters will now drop 'Magical Stones'.
- Probability of obtaining and the type of 'Magical Stone' depends on the monster's grade and level. Common/Rare Manastones can be obtained from two ways.
● Opening ‘Magical Stones’ will give you one random Common/Rare Manastone.


● Collect enough ‘Magical Stones’ and buy a desired Common/Rare Manastone from an NPC.

Race Area NPC Magic Stone Ore
Elyos Poeta Karcia Minor Manastone Exhcnage
Verteron Tearsi Lesser Manastone Exhcnage
Eltnen Permu Regular Manastone Exhcnage
Heiron Pontero Greater Manastone Exhcnage
Theobomos Komersio Superb Manastone Exhcnage
Inggison Dormire Advanced Manastone Exhcnage
Signia Diomio Experienced Manastone Exhcnage
Asmodian Ishalgen Lientake Minor Manastone Exhcnage
Altgard Iskam Lesser Manastone Exhcnage
Morheim Troka Regular Manastone Exhcnage
Beluslan Karte Greater Manastone Exhcnage
Brusthonin Skam Superb Manastone Exhcnage
Gelkmaros Achgott Advanced Manastone Exhcnage
Vengar Sheilapenn Experienced Manastone Exhcnage

Gathering/Extracting Changes

1. Gathering and production materials have been simplified.
- Materials consisting of various grades and types have been reduced to general type only.
- Existing materials will be called 'Frozen~' from now on.
- Existing materials can no longer be gathered, extracted, looted from monsters, obtained from bundles, Morphed or purchased from NPCs.

2. Probability of crafting a better version of Catalium-related items has been increased.

Other Changes

1. Low level fortress instances from the Upper Abyss can now be access through a single portal in the center of the Lower Abyss.

2. Great Invasion weapons can now be extracted.

3. Issues with Signia/Vengar Manor Title and Kaldor compensation remaining time have been fixed.

4. Issue with some +20 items not becoming wrappable has been fixed.

5. Issues with some designs names not matching produced items have been fixed.


Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 2 - Typhoon Abyss Update


Garrisons have been added to the Upper Abyss, Archipelago of the Hurricane region has been added to the Lower Abyss.
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Instanced Dungeons

Level 40-50 Abyss instances have been moved to the Lower Abyss.
Monsters and rewards in the Level 65 Upper Abyss instances have been changed.

NPC · Monsters

Upper Abyss monsters are now level 65, new boss monsters have been introduced.


Level 65 Daevanion has been added, new Battle Insignias and PVP items have been added.


Inventory expansion has been simplified, profile UI has been adjusted.


some fortresses no longer become vulnerable.
Ereshkigal's Legion is advancing to the Abyss, Lower Abyss Fortresses are not level 50.


Level 65 Daevanion quests have been added, various new quests in the Abyss have been implemented.


Other changes.