KR - Update November 4th 2020

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1. An issue with Pleased Lugbug not appearing after the Siege in Inggison has been fixed.

2. The stats of gates and Guardians that appear during Prades and Basen Fortress Sieges have been adjusted.

Instanced Dungeon

1. The number of entries to the Arena of Discipline would not be deduced immediately after giving up on entering. This issue has been fixed.


1. The stats of Ultimate Sovereign's Spellbook obtainable in the Makarna of Bitterness (normal) have been fixed.


1. The typo in the system message that appears after applying Saving Grace has been fixed.


1. The effects of some Transformations have been fixed.

Orbis Training Arena

1. It was possible to engage in battle with someone of the opposite race outside the PVP area. This issue has neeb fixed.


1. The terrain in Red Katalam (South) has been fixed.

2. The terrain in Hererim Mine has been fixed.


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