KR - Update December 30th 2020

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1. Transformation Representative setting has been added.

- You can select one of your Transformations as a Transformation Representative

- When a Transformation Representative is selected, no matter what transformation you use, the appearance will always be the same.

(Ex: When you set your Transformation Representative as “Cat”, your character will appear as Cat even when you use Tahabata Transformation.


1. Typos in some item tooltips have been fixed.


1. New Mission Quests have been added.

Instanced Dungeon

1. New Mission dungeon, Eye of Apsharanta, has been added.

- It can only be accessed during the mission.

2. The despawn time of objects summoned by Grogget, the 3rd boss in the Labyrinth, has been changed.


1. Map Quest Marks for some Red Katalam quests have been fixed.

2. The information on how to obtain Glyphs in the Item Guide has been corrected.


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