KR - Update February 17th 2021

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1. The weekly mission to kill Kromede the Corrupt in the Labyrinth Instanced Dungeon has been fixed.


1. The +10 effect of Templar’s Green Odian Panoply of Balance skill will now apply properly.

Kaldor: Time Fold II

1. The skill damage debuff in the region would sometimes apply abnormally. This issue has been fixed.

2. The rewards that can be obtained from 교만한 다로크 boss have been changed as follows.

- The probability of obtaining 칼도르: 시간의 층 II 이동 주문서 꾸러미 has been increased.

- The probability of obtaining extreme equipment of obstinacy has been increased.

- A bundle with Glory Potions (10,000) for each region can now be obtained.


1. Some misleading tips have been corrected.


1. Shard can now be stacked up to 99,999.


1. Glory Reward Shops will now reset every Wednesday at 10 am.


7.9 Update
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