KR - Update February 3rd 2021

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1. New Transformations have been added.

Grade Transformation Effect
Ultimate 네자칸 Atk. Speed 50%

Casting Speed 55%

Speed 100%

Healing Boost 80

Add. PvP Atk. 236

Add. PvE Atk. 236

Add. PvP Def. 241

Add. PvE Def. 241

HP 4,400

Magic Resist 341

Crit Strike 331

Crit Spell 331

Ultimate 지켈 Attack Speed 60%

Casting Speed 45%

Speed 100%

Healing Boost 120

Add. PvP Atk. 346

Add. PvE Atk. 346

Add. PvP Def. 361

Add. PvE Def. 361

Crit Strike 420

Crit Spell 420

- New transformations can only be obtained from the 주신의 변신 계약서(2종).

- 주신의 변신 계약서(2종) can be assembled by combining 500 궁극 기억의 파편 and 6 궁극 변신의 숨결.

- 궁극 기억의 파편 can be obtained from ingame sources like Lugbug missions and 궁극 변신의 숨결 can be purchased from the Quna Market.

2. New Transformation Collections has been added.

Transformation Collection Effect
궁극의 암살자 Strike Fortitude 60
궁극의 수호자 Spell Fortitude 60
격돌 Crit Strike/Crit Spell Damage 60

Silentera: Time Fold

1. New Silentera: Time Fold area, Kaldor: Time Fold II, has been added.

- Kaldor: Time Fold II can be accessed through a teleportation device from Silentera: Time Fold.


1. Ranking-related rules have been changed.

Season Rules

Rules 1. Throughout the season, players accumulate GP. When a new season starts, players accumulate GP from anew.

2. Abyss Ranking depends on the accumulated GP (changes every day ta 24:00)

3. Rewards are paid according to the final ranking at the end of the season

Operation 1. A season last for 2 months

2. A season starts at 3:00 on the first Wednesday of each starting month

3. However, the time between 3am-5pm on February 3rd, 2021 will be excluded from the season due to server merges.

GP Compensation

5th Officer and higher

Item Description
Transformation Seal - Characters with the rank of 5th Officer and higher at the time of maintenance will receive a Transformation Seal

- For 60 days after the maintenance, allows the use of Guardian General skills

- 4h reuse time, and do not share a cooldown with normal Guardian General skills

- Abyss Energy skill excluded

Target Item
Governor 수호신장 V 변신 인장 (60일)
Commander 수호신장 IV 변신 인장 (60일)
Supreme General 수호신장 III 변신 인장 (60일)
General 수호신장 II 변신 인장 (60일)
5th Officer 수호신장 I 변신 인장 (60일)

1st Officer and higher

Item Description
Title Card - Characters with the rank of 1st Officer and higher at the time of maintenance will receive the title

- The title will be available for 60 days after the maintenance

Rank Item
Governor [타이틀 카드] 가디언 명예 총사령관 (60일)
Commander [타이틀 카드] 가디언 명예 사령관 (60일)
Supreme General [타이틀 카드] 가디언 명예 대장군 (60일)
General [타이틀 카드] 가디언 명예 장군 (60일)
1st-5th Officer [타이틀 카드] 가디언 명예 장교 (60일)

Badge of Honour

Item Description
명예 휘장 - Players will receive 1 Badge for every 100GP they have accumulated until the 3rd of February
  • 199GP => 2 Badges, 201 => 3 badges

- Badges can be used to buy items from NPCs in Inggison and Gelkmaros

- Badge of Honour can be stored in the account warehouse

2. The number of Honour Points required to achieve each rank has been changed.

Rank GP
Governor 3,109
Commander 2,875
Supreme General 2,500
General 2,083
5th Officer 1,302
4th Officer 766
3rd Officer 478
2nd Officer 342
1st Officer 311


1. New Runes that enhance Nezekan and Zikel Transformations have been added.

2. Cubelets can now be stored in the account warehouse.

3. Following items can now be used in the Advanced Lumiel Transmutation giving you 10 points.

Target Item
Berserk Frigida Captain Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

Berserking Primeth Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

Berserk Tarukan Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

Berserk Frigida Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

Mutated Daeva Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

Colossal Mecha SVR-07 Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

Berserk Lava, Heatvent Protector Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

Mortasha Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

Berserk Immortal Orissan Hunter's Platinum Cubicle

광폭한 브리트라 사냥꾼의 백금 큐비클

폭풍의 루드라 사냥꾼의 백금 큐비클

Berserk Frigida Captain Expert's Platinum Cubicle

Berserk Primeth Expert's Platinum Cubicle

Berserking Tarukan Expert's Platinum Cubicle

Berserk Frigida Expert's Platinum Cubicle

Daeva Mutant Expert's Platinum Cubicle

Colossal Mecha SVR-07 Expert's Platinum Cubicle

Berserk Lava, Heatvent Protector Expert's Platinum Cubicle

Mortasha Expert's Platinum Cubicle

Berserk Immortal Orissan Expert's Platinum Cubicle

광폭한 브리트라 전문가의 백금 큐비클

폭풍의 루드라 전문가의 백금 큐비클

Lugbug Missions

1. Final rewards for the Daily/Weekly missions have been changed.

2. Rewards for some daily missions have been changed.


1. After purchasing all limited items from the Quna Market, the items will be displayed as Sold Out and the purchase button will be disabled.

2. After the Server merges, registered Minions in the quickbar might disappear.

- You can add them back from the Minion UI.


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