KR - Update May 13th 2020

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Instanced Dungeon

1. The damage of some skills used by Mortasha in the Altar of Ascension has been increased.

2. Shugo Toilers have been removed from the Opportunity Altar of Ascension.

3. The effect of Hand of Reincarnation would sometimes get removed inside the Makarna of Bitterness (Normal). This issue has been fixed.

4. 3rd named boss, 광폭한 브리트라 has been added to the Makarna of Bitterness (Difficult) dungeon.

5. Arena of Discipline/Arena of Cooperation have been fixed and will no longer be available to players below level 75.


1. An issue that was allowing players to enter a Fortress in an unusual way at the beginning of a siege has been fixed.

Lumiel Transmutation

1. Some Bronze, Silver, Gold Cubelets have been added as materials for the Basic Transmutation.

2. Only Platinum Cubelets can be acquired from the Basic Transmutation.

Item Collection

1. Some items could not be registered in the Event section of Item Collection. This issue has been fixed.

2. The event collection period has been extended by 2 weeks.


1. Tooltips of hide-related skills have been fixed.

2. The effects of some Appearance Skills have been fixed.


1. Raging Beritra Cubics have been added.

- Can be obtained from Kubrinerk’s Cube Laboratory and Fame rewards.

2. Items will no longer require removed materials to be upgraded.

3. Exchange prices at <Instances Stellium Merchants> in Dumah have been changed.

4. The restocking time would display incorrectly at the Event Dungeon sellers. This issue has been fixed.

5. Deletion information has been added to the Shura's Special Shard’s tooltip.

6. Normal Shoulder equipment will no longer be visible while wearing [Event] Gourmet Star Outfit.

7. Lighting Tornado has been added to the Stormwing’s Cubic.


1. Transformation abilities would not apply when using a Transformation applied to a Weapon. This issue has been fixed.


1. The Item Guide will no longer show items that can no longer be obtained.

2. Some acquisition points in the Item Guide have been fixed.

3. The entry level for the Arena of Discipline would display incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.

4. Kinah registration will no longer appear in the mail window.


1. A warning about 사로잡힌 영혼 has been added when entering Hidden Treasure Chamber, a mission dungeon in the Silentera: Time Fold.

2. will no longer be available for new Jumping characters.


7.7 Update
Regions Time Fold
General Items Glyph
New items PVE:

Ultimate Sealed Storm Set
Ultimate Unleashed Storm Set

Ultimate Lapis Set

Ultimate Protector Set

Ultimate Merciless Counter Set

Ultimate Lisiel Set


Ultimate Severe Thorn Set

Ultimate Jeros Set

Ultimate Scout Set

System Item Collection Lumiel's Transmutation
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