KR - Update April 29th 2020

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1. Attack/Defence stats not applied to Ultimate Scout Set have been fixed.

2. Player’s stats would get lower after enchanting failure resulted in item destruction while wearing Extreme equipment. This issue has been fixed.

3. The reward box from the Lower Udas Temple has been renamed to Esoterrace Ancient Equipment Box.

Instanced Dungeon

1. The probability and the number of items players receive from certain Instanced Dungeons have been changed.

2. The Guardian Captain would not appear in the Valley of Chaos under certain circumstances. This issue has been fixed.


1. Tooltips of some Spiritmaster skills have been fixed.


1. The quest item for the / has been changed to Ancient Weapon Magic Stone.


1. Item Collection effect will now be displayed in the Effect of the collection receipt’s tooltip.


1. Respawn time for some monsters in Inggison/Gelkmaros has been adjusted.

Silentera Canyon: Time Fold

1. Disconnecting while dead in the Time Fold will put you back to the Dimensional Gap if you reconnect within 3h.

2. Some battle patterns that were set incorrectly have been fixed.


7.7 Update
Regions Time Fold
General Items Glyph
New items PVE:

Ultimate Sealed Storm Set
Ultimate Unleashed Storm Set

Ultimate Lapis Set

Ultimate Protector Set

Ultimate Merciless Counter Set

Ultimate Lisiel Set


Ultimate Severe Thorn Set

Ultimate Jeros Set

Ultimate Scout Set

System Item Collection Lumiel's Transmutation
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