KR - Update April 22nd 2020

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Lumiel Transformation

1. Ancient Resilient Fighter/Valiant Fighte equipment can no longer be used as a material for the Transmutation.

Item Collection

1. When attempting to register a boosted/modified item, a warning will now be displayed again.

2. A system message will now be displayed when registering an item that is being used somewhere else.

3. When registering an insufficient number of items, the number on the icon will now be displayed in a different color.

4. An issue preventing players from registering items that were split in the inventory has been fixed.

Instanced Dungeon

1. An issue with the number of entries to the Arena of Discipline displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

2. Pillars near Stormy Stormwing inside the Stormy Beshmundir Temple have been removed.

3. The time when Stormy Stormwing uses some skills has been changed.


1. An issue with Pleased Lugbug not appearing after the Siege in Inggison has been fixed.


1. Incorrect Magical/Physical Defence stats applied to some Ultimate items have been fixed.

2. Attack/Defence stats not applied to Ultimate Scout Set have been fixed.


1. Barriers in the Inggison/Gelkmaros Arena could not be removed. This issue has been fixed.


1. Bracelet information in the Item Guide has been fixed.

2. When enchanting PVP Feathers, HP would increase instead of Attack/Defence values. This issue has been fixed.

3. The main rewards from the Hererim Mine would display incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.


1. The terrain near the 11th Altar in Dumah has been fixed.

2. The background music inside the Legion Banquet Hall has been changed.


7.7 Update
Regions Time Fold
General Items Glyph
New items PVE:

Ultimate Sealed Storm Set
Ultimate Unleashed Storm Set

Ultimate Lapis Set

Ultimate Protector Set

Ultimate Merciless Counter Set

Ultimate Lisiel Set


Ultimate Severe Thorn Set

Ultimate Jeros Set

Ultimate Scout Set

System Item Collection Lumiel's Transmutation
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