KR - Update May 12th 2021

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1. Some District 1 reconnaissance units did not patrol the area. This issue has been fixed.

2. The respawn time of killed scouts has been changed.

3. Pursuit time for some monsters has been changed.

4. Operation time of Legion Garrison Teleporter that appears after defeating 아다드 has been fixed.


1. DP requirements to use some skills have been changed.

2. Initial deduction of DP has been changed to 60sec after the battle ends.

Instanced Dungeon

1. The damage of some skills used by Kromede the Corrupt in the Fire Temple dungeon has been fixed.

2. The exit in the Synagogue of Thunder can no longer be used during a battle with 이쉬쿠르 inside the Heart of Apsharanta.


1. 데바니온 활석, 서약의 석판 can now be found under Consumables - Modify - Other at the Broker.

2. Unnecessary information will no longer be displayed during purification.

3. The tooltip of 신뢰의 훈장 has been fixed.


1. The weekly limit at Glory stores would not reset. This issue has been fixed.


1. Aether Jellies have been removed from some NPC’s sale lists.


1. If you are attacked with the Pledge window open, you will no longer be able to proceed with Pledging the item.

2. The mark would not appear on unactivated expirable mounts. This issue has been fixed.


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