KR - Update May 20th 2021

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1. 이오늄 would sometimes disappear from the inventory. This issue has been fixed.

2. Basic attack range of some monsters has been adjusted.

3. The Black Market Trader’s spawn location will now appear on the map.

4. The spawn time of the Black Market Trader has been adjusted.

5. Instead of 1 빛나는 이오 보검, players will now have to collect 30 이오 꽃잎 for the (E), (A) quests.


1. The display of Faction Quests information in the Apsharanta Region Operation tooltip has been improved.

- Acquisition status indicator has been added.

- The way the reset time is displayed has been changed.

- Reset timer for completed quests has been added.

2. The Dispatch Quests UI has been improved.

- Help has been added.

- ‘Operation Complete’ will now be displayed when the number of possible operations reached 0.

- The position of the number of possible executions has been changed to the lower center area.

- The way the reset time is displayed has been changed.


1. Typos in the event mission tooltip have been fixed.


1. Faction Quests will no longer complete on other inegrated servers.


1. Some methods of DP charging were displayed for the wrong professions. This issue has been fixed.


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