KR - Update June 2nd 2021

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1. The battle pattern of Ascended Kaisinel's Agent and Ascended Marchutan's Agent has been changed.


1. When purifying contaminated Odians and Runes, the purification would be applied sporadically. This issue has been fixed.

2. Bundles with PVP Enchantment Stones have been removed from the Prestige Shop and bundles that could give either PVP or PVE stones have been changed to give PVE enchantment stones only.

3. The operation site in the tooltip of the 남부 생명체 소환 주문서 was displaying incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.

4. The background of the Pledge displayed in the item’s tooltip is now set to red when acquired Pledge is of Ultimate or higher level.

Instanced Dungeon

1. The HP of the following bosses has been lowered.

  • Stella Development Laboratory (easy)

- Weakened Draug, Weakened Shadon, Weakened Bronze Guardian, Weakened Mutated Daeva

  • Beninerk's Manor (easy)

- Weakened Small Mecha VR-04, Weakened Colossal Mecha SVR-07

  • Ara Infernalia (easy)

- Weakened Mortasha

  • Beshmundir Storm Temple (easy)

- 약화된 위병대장 흐파르, 약화된 대사제 아수리야, 약화된 폭풍의 루드라

  • Heart of Apsharanta

- 원한의 남타르, 수호자 남타르

2. Items that can be obtained from named bosses in easy dungeons have been added.

- Stella Development Laboratory (easy): 데바의 변이체 큐비클 꾸러미

- Beninerk’s Manor (easy): 특대기갑 SVR-07 큐비클 꾸러미

- Ara Infernalia (easy): 모르타샤 큐비클 꾸러미

- Beshmundir Storm Temple (easy): 폭풍의 루드라 큐비클 꾸러미

3. Platinum Cubelets can now be obtained from bundles that drop from boss monsters in normal dungeons.

4. The drop of Cubelets bundles from easy/normal dungeons has been changed to part drop.

5. The entrance to the Esoterrace and Esoterrace of Opportunity has been moved to Inggison Outpost (E) and Gelkmaros Defense Base {A).


1. The icons of Black Market Traders on the Apsharanta map have been changed.

2. Misleading content of Lugbug Weekly Missions has been corrected.

3. The notepad has been separated between live and classic servers.


1. Environment monsters around Bassen and Prades Fortresses have been removed and the view distance for some sculptures places around them has been adjusted.

2. Some awkwardly placed rocks around the Apsharanta region have been fixed.


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