KR - Update May 6th 2021

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1. Some neutral monsters have been changed to agressive monsters.

2. The re-appearance time of the “Extreme” monsters in 10 ~ 13 districts has been shortened.

3. The operation time of District’s Relic has been changed.

4. The tracking time of District Guards has been changed.

5. Some changes have been made to the enemy recognition rules of District Guards.

Heart of Apsharanta

1. The exit from the Thunder Corridor area inside the Heart of Apsharanta wil now be placed correctly.

Kerubar's Quick Guide

1. 3 Daevanion Skill Box (10 types) from the “[1-22] '전설 데바니온 스킬 상자'를 제작해보세요” mission have been changed to “[가이드] 데바니온 스킬 선택 상자 (3개입)”.

2. The number of missions displayed on the Kerubar's Quick Guide page has been changed from 4 to 3.

3. The font size in the Kerubar's Quick Guide has been changed.

Quna Market

1. Quna Market UI has been improved.

2. Today Products have been removed.


1. Gathering locations have been added to the ‘이오늄’, ‘이오드라’, ‘일로에’ item tooltips.

2. Setting details have been added to 이오’s tooltip.

Lord’s Relic

1. Level Achievement reward system has been added.

- Rewards will be given after reaching level 250 or 300.

- Players that reach this level before the update will receive the items via mail.

  • L:250: Ultimate Fighting Spirit Weapon x1


1. The limit of restoring synthetized weapons has been changed from 15 days to 1 year.

- This will continue until November 3rd, 2021


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