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If the Warrior is about grit, power and sheer strength, then Scouts concern themselves more with speed, agility and awareness. They dress in light armor, making them vulnerable... when they can be hit. Scouts are complex men and women that require a delicate touch and measured approach. Once they learn their inherent strengths and weaknesses, Scouts can become formidable opponents.

Scouts provide a wide variety of play styles compared to the other basic classes. They benefit from great agility and can make speedy attacks, though how well they perform varies depending on the player. The scout is an extremely versatile class.

Once a Scout ascends, it will be able to choose one of two classes to specialize in: the Ranger or the Assassin.


Scout Characteristics

 Basic Attributes  Power 100 / Health 100 / Agility 110 / Accuracy 110 / Knowledge 90 / Will 90
 Available Weapons  Dagger / Sword
 Available Armor  Cloth / Leather
 Available Subclasses  Assassin / Ranger

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Scout Career Paths

Once a Scout reaches a certain level of proficiency, they will see their path end and split into two distinct and new routes. Some Scouts choose the path of the Assassin, use swords and daggers to attack from the shadows. Others are destined to follow the path of the Ranger and learn more to attack their foes at range with the use of bows and traps.

Assassins are masters of deception and are able to hide even in plain sight. Attacking from behind is their trade, though marching headlong into an Assassin’s blades can be incredibly unwise. With the ability to place patterns on opponents and then removing them violently with pattern removal skills, the Assassin can damage and stun a foe in one quick stroke, leaving the enemy open to a wide array of other skills that deal massive amounts of damage.

Preferring to stay at long range, a Ranger utilizes bows with great accuracy and power. They have an array of skills that can do damage to not only single foes but can strike out at several. With their traps hidden in front of their opponents, Rangers can slow and damage the enemy at a distance, all the while inflicting more destruction with well-aimed shots.


A6eb1fbb4595320914d336c8.png At level 9, Scouts will receive their Ascension quest automatically. This Campaign quest will lead you to become either an Assassin or a Ranger. Once ascended your base attributes will change slightly and you will gain your new gathering abilities.