KR - Update November 15th 2017

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Instanced Dungeon

1. The ranking for Golden Crucible, Tower of Challenge, Golden Crucible (Group Battles) will now update every 5min instead of 1min to improve server stability.


1. Base Captains in Esterra, Nosra will once again engage in battle with monsters that appear periodically to recapture the Artifact.


1. The set effect for equipping +9 Stigmas has been changed from 1 General Stigma Slot to 2.


1. Elite Royal Archon Sentinel's Evanescent Handguards, Elite Royal Guardian Sentinel's Evanescent Handguards, and Grand Prix Chain Gloves’s secondary stats have been fixed.

2. Missing ‘%’ symbols have been fixed in [Title] Ascend to the Lonely Throne - 30 days’s tooltip.

3. High Daeva exclusive mounts will now be for levels 66+ only.

4. The effect of Grand Prix Weapons has been fixed.

5. The appearance of Grand Prix Leather Armour has been changed.

6. The appearance of Red Carpet Dress has been changed.


1. The ‘Previous Season’ information would display differently from the current Season. This issue has been fixed.


1. Environmental sounds have been added to the centre of Sanctum/Pandaemonium.


5.8 - Land of Battle
Quests Elyos:


Dungeons Holy Tower Mirash Refuge
General Items Spinel Coin Gray Wolf Mark
New items Abyss:

High Archon Commander's Set
High Guardian Commander's Set

Spinel Coins:
Guardian Legionary's Set
    Elite Guardian Legionary's Set

Archon Legionary's Set
    Elite Archon Legionary's Set

Enhanced Ancient Fallusha's Set
Gray Wolf Accessories

Magical Crafting:

Proness Set
    Gleaming Proness Set

Dragon King:
Dark Dragon King's Weapons

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