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There are various rewards you can receive in the Antriksha's Ascension Site.

For killing Antriksha you will receive Honour Points from a quest and many compensation boxes.

To ensure that everyone can get rewards, PVP will be disabled once Antriksha is dead.

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Loot Compensation

Antriksha drops Ahserion's Glory Reward Box.

This compensation box is for players from the camp that achieved the 1st place. (Up to 100 people)

It contains 7~9 rewards from the list below. Among them you can find parts of theAntriksha's Set, 4 Ceramium Medal and at least 4 other compensation bundles.

■ Reward Configuration

Reward Details
icon_item_box06.png Ahserion's Equipment Box Contains parts of the Roaring Antriksha's Set.
icon_item_badge11.png Spinel Medal × 4 4 Spinel Medals.
icon_cash_item_card_title_01.png [Title] Ahserion Conqueror (3 days) You can use this title for 3 days.
Stats are: <Atk Speed 2%, Casting Speed 2%, Speed 4%, Flight Speed 2%>.
icon_item_sack06.png Antraxia Ascension Composite Manastone Bundle Contains one level 70 Composite Manastone.
icon_item_box07.png Ascended Ahserion's Manastone Bundle Contains one +6 Primary Manastone.
icon_item_estima_stone_01.png Essence Core One Estima stone.
icon_item_box06.png Antraxia Ascension Illusion Godstone Bundle Contains a random Illusion Godstone.
icon_item_sack05.png Ascended Ahserion's Dimension Stone Bundle Contains 2 Chaotic Dimension Stone.
icon_item_item_charge2_02.png Augment: Level 2 Augments an item up to stage 2.


This box can be looted by players from the best camp


It contains various rewards and parts of the Antriksha's Set

Quest Rewards

When Antriksha is dead a special NPC will emerge.

He will give you a repeatable quest .

It's a very simple quest that will give you 100 Honour Points for killing Antriksha.


After killing Antriksha talk to the NPC


Finish the conversation to receive 100 Honour Points


Endless Battle
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PvP stats, 6 Manastone slots and random attributes.
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PvP stats, 6 Manastone slots.
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