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The Endless Battle Uniting the Best Warriors

Antriksha's Ascension Site is a large scale battlefield where your main objective is to kill the dragon.

Only people that conquered one of the Pangaea Forts can access this instance. It's available every Saturday at 9pm, after the Pangaea Siege is over.

■ Endless Battles Times

Pangaea Siege Every Saturday at 21:00 ~ 22:00 (60min)
Antriksha's Ascension Site Every Saturday at 22:00 ~ 23:10 (70min)

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Background Story

This place was discovered by the Beritra Army, who invaded through a portal from Pangaea. Commander Antriksha noticed a powerful Id energy that had built up over a long period of time. He used it to his advantage and began his Ascension. Beritra dispatched forces to protect and observe Antriksha. There's a plan to take him to a safe location so as not to jeopardize the Ascension.


Sanctuary accumulating Id


Kill the dragon before he ascents!


Corridors to the Antriksha's Ascension Site appear in each Pangaea Fort every Saturday at 9pm and stay open for 10min.

Only players that conquered a Pangaea Fort and posses [Title] Panesterra Conqueror (3 days) title can enter. Up to 100 people per camp can participate in this battle. Be prepared to stay a little bit longer for the Antriksha's Ascension Site after Pangaea Siege because once siege ends the battlefield begins.

■ Antriksha's Ascension Site Entrance

1. After conquering a Pangaea Fort you will receive the [Title] Panesterra Conqueror (3 days) title in the mail

2. Go to the conquered Pangaea Fort through the 'Advance Corridor (Occupied Fortress)' in the main city

3. Through a corridor 'Advance Corridor (Antriksha's Ascension Site)' inside the Pangaea Fort you can teleport to the Antriksha's Ascension Site (up to 100 players per camp)


Receive the title in the mail


Go to Pangaea through a corridor in the main city


Antriksha's Ascension Site Entrance


You can find the corridor in the Throne Room

■ Antriksha's Ascension Site Features

Features Description
Time Every Saturday at 9pm, you have 70min to finish. (10min to prepare and gather, 60min for the actual battle)
Conditions Only players that hold [Title] Panesterra Conqueror (3 days) title can participate. (up to 100 people)
Matching Method Just like in Pangaea, you are going to be match with three other camps. Players from all camps are enemies.
How does it work The most important thing is to protect the corridor to your camp. Once it's destroyed everyone from your camp will be forced out of the instance.
Compensation is paid once Antriksha is dead. However, there is a 30min period before you can attack the boss.
In PvP it is very important to take advantage of the Tanks.
Antriksha Compensation Among rewards players can find parts of the Antriksha's Set and other valuable items. (For the camp that contributed the most)Additionally you will receive 100 Honour Points from a quest. (For all participants)


Exterminate Antriksha in the massive camp vs camp battle


Items from the Antriksha's Set

Progress Information


Once the corridor to the Antriksha's Ascension Site opens you have 10min to get to the starting point and prepare the League.

When the preparation time is over you have 60min to fight. Events that happen in the instance are as follows:

■ Antriksha's Ascension Site Timetable

Time Event Description
0~10min Entry Players that want to take part in this battle have 10min to enter the instance.
After 10min Battle begins The doors open and the battle begins.
After 15min Corridor Protectors appear Destroying protector immediately closes the corridor.
Do not let anyone to destroy your protector, otherwise you will be kicked out from the Antriksha's Ascension Site.
After 20min Tanks become available You can use tanks to break through some walls.
It's very important to know how and when to use the Tank.
After 25min Walls around Antriksha become vulnerable You can start to destroy walls between you and the dragon.
After 30min Indestructible barrier around Antriksha is removed Once the barriers are off you can start attacking Antriksha. You can say that after 30min the real battle begins.
After 70min Game Over Antriksha's Ascension Site ends and all players are returned to their servers.

■ TIP. Antriksha's Ascension Site Victory Points

In the Antriksha's Ascension Site the most important thing is to protect your corridor.

Once your corridor gets closed, all players from that server are automatically returned to the main server without any compensation. It is crucial to keep the corridor open at all time.

Important Information

■ Corridor Protection

Corridor Protectors appear after 15min into the battle in front of each starting point.

Once the protector is destroyed all players from that camp are going to be expelled from the Antriksha's Ascension Site.

Therefore, if you want to stay inside make sure your corridor doesn't get closed.

It is recommended to leave a small defence group behind because some Balaurs might show up from time to time.


Protectors are located in front of the starting point of each camp


Always protect the tower

■ Structure Changes

Some vital gates might be protected by an enchantment buff that make them indestructible. They automatically disappear after a certain amount of time.

- 20min: Doors to the Tank Hangars are no longer protected

- 25min: Gates to the middle of the instance are no longer protected

- 30min: Antriksha is no longer protected


Enchanting buff protecting the doors from being destroyed


Automatically disappears after certain period of time

■ Using Tanks

War machines are also available in the Antriksha's Ascension Site. You can use them protective buffs over hangars disappear (after 20min).

To use any of the machines you must destroy the hangar's Control Device.

- You must take control over a hangar to use the machines inside. (Destroy the Control Device)

- There are multiple machines in each hangar.

- Machines can be used freely without any additional items.


Tanks are located at 3 and 9 o'clock
Hellions are located at 12 and 6 o'clock


Destroy the Control Device to take control over machines


Tank: Against Balaurs and Antriksha
① Rear Cannon: Deal damage to a single target
up to 20m away.
Deals additional damage to Antriksha
② Widespread Bombardment: Deals damage to a target up to 20m
away and enemies within a 14m radius of the target.
Deals additional damage to Balaurs
③ Destroy the tank generator: Tank Destroyer
④ Dismount


Hellion: Against single targets
① Fire Cannon: Deals damage to a single target up to 15m away
② Flame Jet: Deals damage to a target up to 14m away
and enemies within a 15m radius of the target
③ Dismount

■ 2 Defensive Guns

Each faction has two defensive guns in the vicinity of the starting point, they help keeping Balaurs away and corridor protected.

However, if you leave everything unprotected Balaurs will destroy everything pretty fast so make sure to leave a small group behind.

Once Antriksha's Ascension Site starts make sure someone jump to the guns straight away.


2 defensive guns in the vicinity of the starting point


Once the battle starts send someone to the guns
It will make things much easier later on

Compensation Information

In the Antriksha's Ascension Site players can receive various rewards.

They can be divided into quest rewards that give Honour Points and loot rewards that give various compensation boxes.

Category Description
Drop Compensation - Antriksha drops one compensation chest. All players from the best camp can pick this box one by one.
- It contains parts of the Antriksha's Set, Ceramium Medal, title and at least 4 other rewards.
Quest Rewards - Once Antriksha is dead a special NPC will emerge.- It gives a very simple quest which upon finishing grants 100 Honour Points.

You have to make sure your corridor says open for the whole time. Once the corridor protector is gone you will not receive any kind of compensation.

To make sure you get something make sure your protector stays active.


This box can be looted by players from the best camp


Finish the conversation to receive 100 Honour Points

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