KR - Update November 27th 2019

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1. The name of the entrance to the Arena has been changed.

2. HP and damage of Agents in each race’s base have been increased.


1. HP of some monsters inside the Silentera Canyon has been increased.

2. The number of Fame Points obtained from certain objects on the integrated maps has been fixed.

3. Respawn time of some monsters in Inggison, Gelkmaros, Silentera Canyon has been fixed.

4. Stats of some monsters that appear after using PC방 깜짝 상자 have been changed.

5. The level of some monsters in the growth areas has been fixed.


1. 기분 좋은 루그부그 will now spawn properly after capturing Inggison, Gelkmaros Fortresses.

Instanced Dungeon

1. An issue with the boss inside the Makarna of Bitterness (Hard) not using 녹아내리는 용암 has been fixed.

2. The Jotun NPC will now disappear after engaging Berserking Frigida, the final boss inside the Prometun Workshop (Hard) instance.

3. You will no longer be able to glide through some terrain inside the Tower of Challenge.

4. Unstable Hall of Knowledge can no longer be accessed unlimited number of times.

5. 모르타샤’s HP in the Altar of Ascension has been adjusted.

6. The effects of some skills used by Minium Vault Guardian Deity General in the Hidden Minium Warehouse have been fixed.

7. System messages in the Hererim Mine have been fixed.

8. Players will no longer teleport out of the Makarna of Bitterness (Hard) after dying in certain areas.


1. Some weekly mission tips have been fixed.

2. The number of required kills for the '[라크룸] 기지를 점령하려면' mission has been reduced.

3. The final rewards for the daily missions have been changed.


1. An issue that was preventing players from completing has been fixed.

2. Typos and cutscenes in some quests have been fixed.

3. Monsters inside the Shadow of Suffering mission dungeon did not recognize players as enemies. This issue has been fixed.


1. 고대의 정화제 would become inactive in the inventory after being registered in the Purification window. This issue has been fixed.


1. Runes/Odians will no longer temporarily remain in the item after the Upgrade process.

2. The probability of obtaining Odian shards from the 궁극의 드마하 보물 상자 has been increased. The box will also give 10 shards from now on.

3. The probability of obtaining items from monsters in Inggison, Gelkmaros, Silentera Canyon has been increased.

4. Incorrect stats applied to some armour parts have been fixed.

5. Incorrect stats applied to some T3 Accessories have been fixed.

6. Item Guide has been fixed.

7. Tooltips of some items have been fixed.

8. The appearance of some equipment items has been changed.


1. The effects of odians would display incorrectly in the info windows. This issue has been fixed.

2. The text in the Odian Grinding window has been fixed.

3. The text in the Purification window has been fixed.

4. The description of the Burning Acidic Agent and Burning Acidic Stone has been fixed to reflect recent sale agent changes.

5. Descriptions in the Field Fame windows have been fixed.

6. Growth Dungeons in the Instance admission UI will only be visible to players below level 75.


1. Some equipment sale lists have been split into separate NPCs.

2. Some Fame sale lists have been changed.

3. New voices have been added to some NPCs.

4. Unused NPCs have been removed.

5. Locations of some NPCs and monsters have been fixed.

5. Attributes of some NPCs and monsters have been fixed.


1. Silentera Canyon Exit will now be available from Fame Level 4.

Legion Miner

1. 채굴기 각인석’s purchase conditions have been lowered.


1. Some regions have been renamed.


7.5 Update
General Items Rune Odian
New items PVE:

Legendary Fierce Katalam Set
Ultimate Fierce Katalam Set

Legendary Cruel Dumaha Set
Ultimate Cruel Dumaha Set

Legendary Silent Lakrum Set
Ultimate Silent Lakrum Set

Legendary Legion Guard Set
Ultimate Legion Guard Set

Extreme Set

Vision Set
Rare Vision Set
Noble Vision Set


Legendary Fierce Battle Set

Legendary Legion Scout Set
Ultimate Legion Scout Set

Legendary Lakrum Scout Set
Ultimate Lakrum Scout Set

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