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The Sorcerer is a Daeva who follows the Star of Magic. They are able to freely wield the destructive power of the natural elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. A Sorcerer is a scholar at heart, evident by the books and orbs they normally carry with them. However, these items can be dangerous weapons in their hands as they help increase a Sorcerer’s power.

Asmodian Sorcerers have been known to serve Lumial, the Lady of Wisdom, while Elysean Sorcerers follow the teachings of Kaisinel, the Lord of Illusion. 1f6fa29d93d7857ca3d0a1e5.png

Sorcerer Characteristics

 Basic Attributes  Power 90 / Health 90 / Agility 100 / Accuracy 100 / Knowledge 120 / Will 110
 Available Weapons  Spellbook / Orb
 Available Armor  Cloth
 Class Features
  • Has a number of long range and powerful attacks
  • Has a number of area of effect abilities
  • Can use magic to sleep, root, and sometimes even morph enemies to limit their ability to get close

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Combat Roles and Abilities

The Sorcerer possesses various magical skills that can quickly defeat the enemy from long range. However, since this class can only wear robe armor, its Physical Defense and Health are extremely low. The Sorcerer’s lack of physical training makes it difficult for them to evade most melee attacks. In other words, this class can be described as a "sword of glass", so always be cautious in battle.

While the Sorcerer has few types of chain skills, each skill has a high Attack value, so enemies can be defeated in a short amount of time. Most of those skills also consume a lot of mana, which means a wise and efficient use is necessary to conserve energy.

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Sorcerers also have the ability to lower an opponent’s resistance to a particular type of element (Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire). This allows the Sorcerer to more efficiently use spells against various types of enemies who may be more susceptible to one element than another.

E24d5db96b77d57b72fca8e9.png With the ability to sleep and root foes, a Sorcerer can use mobility to keep enemies at range. However, they must be fully ready to strike as any damage can wake or release the enemy to attack again. It also must be noted that these types of spells increase the target’s enmity significantly. A Sorcerer must mindful then and use skills it has available to reduce its creation of enmity.

Solo and Group Play

Solo Play

The Sorcerer does not possess skills to heal itself other than Herb Treatment, so during solo play, pay careful attention to health. Incurring attacks from multiple monsters can be especially dangerous. In the event that this occurs, the Sorcerer may find its short-range area of effect spells helpful. In the event it has bitten off more than it can chew, a Sorcerer may want to utilize its area of effect holding skills, such as Winter Binding I.

During a one-on-one confrontation, it is good to start with a movement-impairing effect. If there is more than one opponent, a Sorcerer will want to use sleep or another immobilizing effect on one foe, while attempting to defeat the other quickly.

Although its defense is weak, a Sorcerer that is capable of controlling the distance between itself and its enemies can control the battle.

Group Play

During group play, the Sorcerer has a dual role: that of a damage dealer and that of a mesmerizer who uses various types of skills that can sleep or hold an opponent.

Mesmerizing skills are important techniques when multiple monsters are linked. These skills allow the group to take on multiple difficult creatures one by one. This helps to ease a tank’s damage mitigation, as well as allow the party’s healers to work more efficiently by not having to focus on more than the tank’s health.


However, the Sorcerer is also capable of attacking multiple opponents that its party may be engaging at once. This allows the party to advance through crowds easily. However, skills that produce high amounts of damage also produce an abundance of enmity, and a sorcerer must be careful not to over do itself and remember to use its enmity reduction skills. When a monster’s gaze turns its focus on a Sorcerer rather than the tank, the Sorcerer is likely to be defeated quickly.